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Decoding the Formula of Life


(Mandarin only)

Many seem to be searching for answers to life's questions, hoping to understand why things happen the way they do. While today's theories may provide partial answers, there does not seem to be a holistic and comprehensive understanding of life, and many things are usually broken down and analyzed as separate issues.


PICER has uncovered a new and illuminating set of understandings that allow us to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of life. We will decode the formula of life to help people achieve happiness and freedom from disease.


(Cantonese & Mandarin)

A growing repertoire of audio recordings to complement and further enhance your understanding of the knowledge shared in our symposiums.

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Decoding the Formula of Life

Many of us seem to be searching for answers, for a more complete understanding of why things are the way they are in life. For instance, why do we experience so much stress? Why do we experience so many difficulties in our relationships with others (our loved ones, friends, or colleagues)? Why are anxiety, depression and cancer on the rise despite all of the advances made in medicine, as well as all of the alternative practices available? Are all of these random, or is there a logic to all of this?

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Have you ever asked yourself if there is a formula to a happy life? 

Why do we know so very little about ourselves, about our mindsets and our emotions? About our health issues, and how they evolved into what they are today? 

Imagine if we could really understand why we think the way we do, and why things turn out the way they do in our life. 

What if there was a guidebook explaining the rules of the game and how it all works, so you could apply a formula to everything you face in your daily life, knowing it will bring you and others a more positive outcome?  

Our Institute’s founder, David D’i, started asking himself these questions more than 22 years ago after his father suffered a stroke, fell into a coma and eventually died. That incident ignited in David an insatiable curiosity and determination to understand the inner workings of life, leading him to build a team of scientific-minded people having the same passion to understand.  

After 22 years of examining and questioning everything as we know it to be, they found that life actually does have a formula, if you desire a particular outcome. For example, there is a formula for having a harmonious relationship with someone, there is a formula to having a more neutral response to people and situations, and there is a formula to feeling healthy. So, if we really want to learn the formula and resolve anything we’re experiencing, whether it be a conflict with someone, health issues, lack of success, or even feelings of anxiety and depression, there’s a fundamental need for us to understand how we came to be, and the mechanics of how this life works. 

That’s what our Symposium offers, a very new and refreshing viewpoint! By first taking you on a journey through evolution itself, you’ll see how we came to be and what led us to be who we are today. We hope to show you a more complete picture of this experience we call ‘Life’, and the actual forces at play that dictate how you perceive others and the world around you, and what led you into to the experiences you’re having today. 

So! If you’re ready to get down to the nitty gritty of what you’re made of, this could finally give you some answers to the questions you’ve been asking your whole life, and maybe our findings could also help you feel better understood.


We’re excited to share our findings, with a great appreciation for each of you who attend and wish to understand more!

Key Topics
  • A brief overview of the world’s greatest issues we’re now facing individually and as a society in relation to our psychological and physical health

  • A new understanding on the role and function of DNA, as up to now the knowledge about DNA has been incomplete

  • How DNA determines our personality traits and how that evolves into the incidences that happen in our lives

  • Redefine ‘Consciousness’ through an exploration of what gives us our sense of being

  • How our emotions and perceptions date back to the beginning of the Universe

  • An in-depth look into the mindsets and logics of our emotions and how they relate to today's interpersonal conflicts (i.e. where does negativity, anxiety and aggression really originate from?)

  • How emotions affect our organs and how it directly relates to all of our health issues (from a common headache or toothache, to cancer)

  • A new understanding of why we experience difficulties in our relationships (life partners, parent-child, friends, co-workers, etc.)


Based on our findings on the formula of Life, we will propose several key tools that can help you to change your way of responding to others and to daily situations in a more neutral and positive way. We have found that these tools can really help a person to struggle less and be more in the flow of Life!

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Audio Learning

About Audio Learning

Complementary to symposiums

Designed to complement your learning after attending at least 16 hours of symposiums. Focused on practical application of our concepts, how to use these concepts in our daily lives.

David D'i in Cantonese

Most of our recordings are discussions with David D'i (Founder and Head of R&D team) speaking in Cantonese, sometimes with a few English words sprinkled in.

Practical Application

Audio Learning content currently includes topics such as what is happiness, what is smallmindedness, how to deal with anxiousness, the importance of understanding oneself.

Review & Relearn

Many find repeated listening and review of our understanding about life helps them to acquire a deeper understanding and to apply their new understanding into their everyday thinking and behaviours.

Ever-expanding Library

New audio recordings are continuously added to our repertoire, and you can listen to them anytime.

Flexibility & Choice

Choose, listen and pay for recordings that discuss topics of interest to you

Imperfect Audio Quality

We research about life and live life simultaneously - learning through living at the same time!  Which means David and the R&D team are constantly discussing about life learning issues and in many different environments, sometimes in vibrant and noisy public places.  We have captured these unplanned moments and spontaneous discussions with David, and we hope to share these precious learning opportunities with you, in its authentic form.

You may find some of our recordings have background noise or less than optimal voice quality, and we regret if it is distracting for you. We have tried our best to enhance the voices and remove the noise so it's easier to hear the discussion, and sometimes we have added music to make the listening experience as pleasurable as possible.  We hope you will find these timely captured discussions insightful for day-to-day learning and application. 

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