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Complementary to symposiums

Designed to complement your learning after attending at least 16 hours of symposiums. Focused on practical application of our concepts, how to use these concepts in our daily lives.

David D'i in Cantonese

Most of our recordings are discussions with David D'i (Founder and Head of R&D team) speaking in Cantonese, sometimes with a few English words sprinkled in.

Practical Application

Audio Learning content currently includes topics such as what is happiness, what is smallmindedness, how to deal with anxiousness, the importance of understanding oneself.

Review & Relearn

Many find repeated listening and review of our understanding about life helps them to acquire a deeper understanding and to apply their new understanding into their everyday thinking and behaviours.

Ever-expanding Library

New audio recordings are continuously added to our repertoire, and you can listen to them anytime.

Flexibility & Choice

Choose, listen and pay for recordings that discuss topics of interest to you




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