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Message from our founder

We are a research team from Hong Kong and we have a unique technology which allows us to see Consciousness with the naked eye. What we uncovered and learned about Consciousness, is that Consciousness equals Energy, and Energy equals Matter. 


C = E = M

Understanding Consciousness reveals the truth behind Physics and Matter. 

Our world is a logical System of various mechanisms at work, and its sole purpose is to generate Consciousness.  Today’s scientific community is still faced with numerous unanswered questions and unresolved predicaments, due to the inability to fully understand the most fundamental workings of Matter, or the intricate world of Physics.  However, if people can be trained to see and observe Consciousness, many of these predicaments can be resolved.

Our DNA is a product of Consciousness generated from evolutionary events which have taken place since the very beginning of the universe, starting from the appearance of the first Hydrogen atom, which already possessed Consciousness.  Imbedded in our DNA are these very sequences of evolutionary history.


Humans are “controlled” by our DNA, as our DNA dictates our perceptions and propels our emotions.   Our DNA sets a framework of thought patterns or logics, and so we naturally cannot “control” our intentions or behaviour.


Feelings of anxiety generate specific logics, which then results in Events taking place.  These Events, in the form of (electromagnetic & photonic) signals or information, utilize DNA, which produces all sorts of hormones and molecular structures that affect our decisions, even our life path (destiny).  Such Events will then reoccur or “replay”, generating an exponentially growing level of Consciousness.  The existence of this logical System follows a sine curve algorithm in the growth and accumulation of Consciousness levels, thereby generating the System’s conglomerate sense of existence.

When we observe Consciousness using our proprietary technology, we can see one’s cognitive patterns (thought patterns or cognitive framework) and, at the same time, discern that person’s current physiological condition and bodily ailments.  As we can see in real-time every sensory perception and thought pattern, we can visually perceive how or what they may be feeling, including their unspoken thoughts or inner secrets, allowing us to assist them in resolving struggles arising from their personality or character.


Our understanding of Consciousness and the workings of the System are significant developments and driving force for mankind.  Furthermore, we have developed a series of corresponding codes to neutralize the harmful signals emitted by our DNA.  This would then allow us perceive Events in a neutral manner, lifting the veil to unbiased thinking, and freeing us from the bind of our evolutionary genetics.   This enables us to jump out of the subjective role and perceive the issue from a third person point of view, to ‘educate’ the signal emissions from cells in our body.  One’s life can indeed be independently altered. These signals or information will be passed down from generation to generation, so we are very honored to have spent 25 years partaking in this research, which could have profound potential and meaning to humankind.

David D'I, Founder, PICER Institute


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