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Reducing the momentum that leads to situations and issues in our lives which seem impossible to resolve
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What is RPPI

Retina Portal Photon Infusion

It's an avant-garde method that reduces the momentum of persistent mindsets and emotions that lead to reoccurring situations and on-going issues in our lives which seem impossible to resolve. RPPI is non-intrusive and begins to work on the source of our problems.

Changing our Fundamental Logics

RPPI uses photon light to carry our specially formulated codes through the retina of the eyes. It accesses the thalamus through which our codes work on the fundamental logics and core values that form our perceptions. Because, it is our perceptions that initiate the conflicts and arguments we experience.

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Benefits of RPPI

  • Feel more positivity and happiness, less negative thoughts or sadness

  • Less anxiety, panic, stress, or the feeling of not having enough time

  • Less frustration, can overcome anger more quickly

  • More considerate and forgiving towards others

  • Less instigation and conflict with close ones

Quick & Convenient

All you need is a mobile phone and just a few minutes, twice a day

No special equipment needed

Anytime, Anywhere

How To Do RPPI

  • Playing an RPPI video on a phone that is held close to an eyeball sends codes into the retina

  • Each video is usually less than 1 minute long

  • RPPI videos are more than 90% black, so there is minimal exposure to the phone's light in order to emit codes into your retina

  • Do RPPI twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, or whenever convenient


“It helped me tremendously with my post-natal depression... there now is a true enjoyment when spending time with my children... especially in these times of COVID-19 where the family has been in isolation together, it has enabled me not just to cope with the situation, but truly cherish the time I have with my family."


“I feel more confident, not stressed or anxious, more relaxed and at ease with what is. More at peace, more content."


How Does It Work

RPPI uses photon light to carry our specially formulated codes through the retina of the eyes to access the Thalamus which is a communication hub in the brain affecting our sight, hearing, memory, emotions, speech, language, decision making and self-control.

By accessing the thalamus, our codes work on the fundamental logics and core values that form our perceptions, because it is our perception of a person or a situation that initiates the conflict and arguments we experience. As our perceptions come from our inherited logics and core values, if we can change these, then our perceptions will be very different.

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Changing our Fundamental Logics

RPPI also works on reducing the feeling that we ‘must’ have something, such as a relationship with someone, a certain job, or wanting to win in a situation. We may feel that we cannot be without it, or that we ‘have to have’ more of it. Then, we become insistent on getting or achieving that something we want at all costs.


For example, we may want to win or gain something because it makes us feel good. It may even give us a feeling of power, and that power feels ‘good’. We are being driven by our wants and desires to have more. These feelings and desires are not logical, it’s more of an emotional drive. Also, these ways of thinking and acting would often result in our making decisions, even blindly, that are harmful to ourselves and others and cause us to ignore the risks as we are not able to be neutral and rational.

Another example of ‘must have’ something would be a person who needs others to recognize them, which would give them a fundamental negativity that not getting recognition is ‘not good’. They would experience an anxiety from not being recognized. These logics would then lead to actions in an attempt to get that recognition.

So by changing the fundamental logics, we can change the thinking pattern. If we no longer have the negative thinking and anxiety, no matter how people would treat us, whether they gave us recognition or not, we would be okay with it. We will naturally feel less of a need to have what we once wanted, and our whole value system will be different. We would no longer need others to acknowledge what we do.

Two Forces At Play

Our studies have found that there are usually two forces at play, creating the conflict and arguments in our lives: our logics and our emotions.


We can feel negative towards a person based on something that had happened. Though sometimes it's just a feeling of not liking them, yet nothing has actually happened. Even though we may know it’s not right to feel this dislike, we may still feel judgmental towards them, even using the excuse that this person is problematic. Yet this judgement would be false because it’s actually coming from our need to oppose and attack them and giving us a just cause to do so.

Where does this need to oppose and attack others come from?

We find that it’s to do with an inherent force coming from the past slaughtering events of our ancestors which had generated the negativities towards others and the need to retaliate.

The momentum of this emotional force is blinding and independent from our logics. So, if we can deal with the emotional force that’s driving us, even if we don’t understand our logics, we may be able to overcome our negative feelings and let go of our need to oppose and retaliate against others. 

RPPI is a way to deal with both the logics and blind emotional forces that cause the difficulties in our lives, helping to shift our mindsets in a more positive direction.

More Benefits
Benefits of doing RPPI (based on client feedback)


  • Clearer vision

  • Relief of headaches and discomfort at the eyes

  • Relief of shoulder, back and pelvis pain, and stiffness and pain in the joints 

  • Digestive issues significantly reduced 

Emotional / Psychological

  • More balanced, calm, and not reacting so strongly to people and situations 

  • More self-awareness, able to think more clearly

  • More able to analyze problematic situations and come up with effective solutions

  • Significant relief of post-natal depression symptoms, feel more harmony and care towards their children

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