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"What we uncovered and learned about Consciousness, is that Consciousness equals Energy, and Energy equals Matter.

C = E = M


Understanding Consciousness reveals the truth behind Physics and Matter...

This understanding of Consciousness and the workings of the System is a significant development and driving force for mankind.  Through our research, we have developed a series of corresponding codes to neutralize the signals emitted by our DNA, allowing us to have more neutrality in perceptions, freeing us from the bind of our evolutionary genetics.   


One’s life can indeed be independently altered.  These signals or information will be passed down from generation to generation, so we are very honored to have spent 25 years partaking in this research, which could have profound potential and meaning to humankind."

David D'i, Founder of PICER Institute

What really is the key to our Wellbeing?

It seems that our Wellbeing is about what is inside us, what is in our hearts, and how we feel.

Maybe we have always wanted to believe this or felt this. We are so very happy to share with you that our research institute, we are able to demonstrate this scientifically. And, we offer scientific solutions that are helping people improve their Wellbeing. It has always been about how we feel, about our hearts and our awakening to a new understanding about Wellbeing. 

This new understanding starts with new findings about the role of DNA.

We have uncovered that our DNA actually acts as a recording and playback device, replicating all the emotions and thought processes that were generated by the events and happenings that had taken place during one’s lifetime.

And so, this means that our DNA is actually made up mostly of the emotions and thoughts of our ancestors. What this means is that the codes (memories) embedded in our DNA contain the emotions, suffering and pain signals that were generated in our ancestors’ lives. These memories then are re-enacted in subsequent generations.

The memories embedded in our DNA also guide our character in how we act and react in any given situation. This would explain why some individuals are more easily stressed with frustration, anxiety, anger, and depression, while others tend to be more relaxed.

For example, arguments can happen between loved ones, and these arguments seem to happen due to the way we react. If we react with insistence, wanting to win or be right, with defensiveness, even anger, then we will tend to have an argument. Characteristics of certain organs will be at play, due to what has been recorded in our DNA from the past generations, and these strong emotions seem to be what is contributing to the ageing process.

We also discovered that our emotions generate minuscule amounts of electromagnetic radiation, carried by electromagnetic waves which, over time, cause our organs to decay and our skin to degenerate, just as though we are being microwaved, from inside us. 

So, is there a solution?

Our institute’s technology is developed from our understanding of the core process of wellbeing itself.

Our research led us to an extraordinary finding, that by applying opposite or 'out of phase' oscillating waves of particular frequencies to those radioactive waves that are gradually decaying us, it can effectively gradually neutralize the emotional radiation that causes us to decay and age. We have developed these opposite phase frequencies from a unique set of codes. We uncovered that this technology can significantly benefit our wellbeing. 

In understanding the origin of wellbeing, we were then able to develop a set of formulations using our own techniques to generate codes with the necessary out-of-phase frequencies to work with our emotions and mindsets, to neutralise the radioactive process that stresses the cells that make up our organs.


This led us to create a wellbeing system of products and services that target the electromagnetic radiation emitted by our emotions.  


We are working with the very source, the memories stored in our DNA which cause disruptions to our emotional state of mind. In doing so, we can reconstitute our overall health by bringing about a renewal to our bodily organs and systems, reflected as a much healthier body and younger looking skin.

Those who use our encoded products and services are witnessing a calmer state of mind with a much more positive outlook on life.

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