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A Method for Studying the Consciousness in Matter & Lifeforms

PICER Institute has developed a method that can assign a "Consciousness Profile Code" to all matter and all lifeforms.

Viewing beyond the visible spectrum, using the naked eye, is possible. Studies have shown that the eyesight of mammals, through adaption mechanisms, have proven to be extremely sensitive and have evolved extensively to adapt to life challenges, environment, and behaviour.

The spectral sensitivity of human visual systems can vary considerably based on our visual perception mechanism. Also, there can be an increase in visual sensitivity in humans through attuning (a method developed by PICER Institute) involving a shift in attention, signal-to-noise ratio gain control, convexity, etc then an increase in spectral sensitivity seems possible. 

Our research findings, using VSP, support the existence of evolutionary unified EM and biofield theory, involving systemic and algorithmic intricacies behind many workings of Consciousness and Life.    

Consc Profile.png

Developing VSP using “Consciousness Profile Codes” 

A slow, step-by-step research and exploration process uncovered the Profile Codes and enabled the establishment of a "Matter-Consciousness" Profile Code database.

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The Consciousness Profile Code Construct:    


Construct of the Colour Stratum/Planar Structures

Construct in visual form of structural colour stratum, depicts EM composition of corresponding cognitive data information, i.e. specific values, logics & emotions 


 The Intensity and Activity of Stimuli / Consciousness

Brightness level of Argenti light corpuscles indicate the intensity of corresponding cognitive value, logics or emotions; the potency of stimuli or consciousness as experienced 

How VSP can be Utilised

Diagnosis and Prognosis


Observe the frequencies of the cognitive logics & emotions of matter and lifeforms to ascertain how these frequencies affect lifeforms, including humans biophysiological symptoms, and to help understand the formation of the mind and the character or personality.


Observe in real-time and map out the trend of logistical & mechanistic workings in line with Morphogenetic fields research.

Devising Solutions
  • Identify and investigate, in real-time, the Profile Code that is causing adverse conditions

  • Identify sources of adverse conditions - the 'what, where and how' that is causing the effect

  • Design counteracting Profile Codes to improve the adverse conditions affecting matter and lifeforms, including humans

  • Configure and match corresponding counteracting Profile Code access mediums, including products and digital services

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