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Quantum Reprogramming

Through our unique method of re-programming, our highly trained technicians, using a light touch accompanied with gentle movements, are able to access the DNA messaging system and re-educate the cells of the organs to reduce their toxic thinking patterns. This allows the body to stablise itself naturally and bring balance back to our emotional, physical & mental wellbeing.


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What is Reprogramming?

By reprogramming we mean developing and experiencing the opposite values of gentleness, acceptance, harmony, which can lead to a more relaxed inner stability. These are the key values applied through the reprogramming, to re-educate the radioactive harmful signals or programs, emitted by our cells.

Types of Treatments

We have found that our DNA emits emotions that have been stored and passed along to us through our genes from many past generations. Our unique method can trace back to the root of these emotions to re-program the mindset within the cells of the body that cause us to experience unpleasant emotions such as anxiety, frustration and stress. By working on the associated muscle groups of these mindsets, we are able to optimise the function of the bodily systems and help to bring about a new program of youth and overall wellbeing.

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Face Repgroamming

  • Enhanced facial symmetry, optimising facial proportions

  • Noticeably smoother lines, wrinkles & reduced signs of ageing

  • Toning, firming & lifting effect

  • Smoother texture & brighter skin tone

  • More radiant & luminous eyes

  • Brings more clarity in perception & harmony to interpersonal relationships

  • Feeling of calmness & emotional stability

  • More neutral & positive outlook

  • Improved quality of sleep

  • Initiate cells to generate a new program of youth


Body Reprogramming 

  • Brings more clarity in perception & harmony to interpersonal relationships

  • Facilitate more clear-minded expression with others

  • Help to minimize pre-conditioned hereditary issues

  • Alleviate emotions that lead to anxiety, frustration & stress

  • Minimize muscle fatigue and pain

  • Improved quality of sleep

  • Feeling of calmness & emotional stability

  • Initiate cells to generate a new program of youth

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Hand Reprogramming

  • Helps to reprogram the mindsets within each muscle, bone, ligament & tendon in the hands, fingers & nails which reflect the mindsets & emotions with which we perform and carry out our daily tasks

  • Reconditions protruding bones and veins in the hands

  • Relief of swollen & painful joints in hands & fingers

  • Restores the softness of hands to regain their youthful touch & appearance

  • Strengthen, smoothen & brighten nail surface

  • Reduce anxieties, frustrations & feelings of impatience related to work

  • More emotional stability & overall sense of wellbeing  

Female Reprogramming

We also offer a specialised reprogramming service just for women, performed by female technicians. Reprogramming radioactive signals which are emitted from the cells of the mammary gland, from the uterus and ovaries, as well as the surrounding tissues, step-by-step bringing a person's state of mind to be more neutral, relaxed, open-hearted, and at ease.

Fong before reprogramming- masked.jpg
Fong after reprogramming- masked.jpg
Fong - results after one face reprogramming treatment
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