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"After 25 years of relentless research, we have discovered that "immortality" cannot be achieved by medicine alone, but by an ultimate understanding of the mechanism of the working conscious universe. It is only through this understanding can we know what role human beings, or life itself, play in the universe. This is the most basic question that many scientists, scholars, philosophers, etc. have wanted to know since the beginning of humanity: What are we doing here?  Where does life come from?"​

David D'I, Founder, PICER Institute

We started because of a son's love for his father.


When his father suffered a sudden stroke in 1992, David D'i, the founder of the Picer Institute, began to search for a cure for his father's illness. David returned from working overseas, back to Hong Kong to care for his father for 8 years until his father died. David also gave up his career.


In the course of his search, he tried many treatments, and sought out the latest and most hi-tech possible solutions for his father. David's character, at his heart, is a great curiosity about life, about why people suffer and how can people be happier and healthier. Deep down, he wants everyone to be happy and enjoy the beauty of what this life can offer, which sometimes can the smallest things that we do not notice. So with his inborn curiosity and drive, he began to have questions about why people get sick and age prematurely, which led to a deeper exploration and study of life. David's character is to seek for the root causes, for example the research team have studied how the evolution of the earth, even the universe, has a direct effect on humans today. 

In the course of his research, David was exposed to various doctrines, which led him to seek the reality of life. After years of searching, David learnt some ways to help people and gained a new understanding of life. In the process of helping people, he began to share his understanding of life, attracting a group of like-minded people, who were interested in the exploration of life and joined him in this research.

In the year 2000, the Research Centre was opened in Hong Kong, and more and more people came to the centre to learn about the research, and to try to solve their own inner puzzles. The research centre shares these concepts with those who are interested. What people reported is that when they applied their concepts, their lives started to change, becoming more calm, happier, and healthier.

As a result, the Research Centre decided to start sharing its understanding of the workings behind life, to help more people who wanted to learn more about the subject, which today has become our education course, which we call ‘Symposium’. This is one of our core research offerings.

Since its opening, people have been coming to the Research Centre for answers to their health, emotional, relationship and financial problems. In addition to education, the research centre started to develop techniques and products to help them achieve happiness, well-being, health and even being more youthful, in order to improve the quality of their lives.

The development continued, and the institute has now evolved into a platform for research, education, products, services, testing, consultancy and sales.

In this platform, the people who work at the institute practice our research philosophy, and apply it to their work and their lives. The result is a unique culture of harmony and unity. This culture in turn attracts people of many races, nationalities, and disciplines to participate in this research and customer service.

Up to now our team has included people from China, Hong Kong, UK, France, USA, Greece, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Germany, and many other countries. Although we come from different places, we all share the same beliefs.

By applying the concepts of the Mechanics of Life, David’s concept, we have brought about a new understanding and change in our lives, making us happier and healthier, and we have made it our life's work.

So, we continue to grow, and more people are being transformed, and more people are joining us. Because we feel the same happiness when we help others become happy and at peace, more and more people choose to walk with us and help others.

David, the founder of the institute, has continued his research, helping many people with his findings and attracting those who have benefited from his research to join him.

He has shared his understanding of life with everyone with enthusiasm and without reservation, at first simply by sharing, but then the people he has helped suggested that he do some systematic education, and later on he has conducted seminars.

David thought it would be a good idea to help more people, so he started developing products and inventing the coding infusion technology that allows this concept of life, that seems can free people from their inherited suffering, to be transposed into products and services, and there are some of these services can be accessed on this website, online. 

Thank you from the PICER institute.


David D'I (left) with Father's caretaker (middle and Father (right) after he suffered a series of strokes since 1992.

exploring EEG.png

Exploring brainwaves using EEG machine


The PICER Institute, Hong Kong, opened in yr 2000

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Sharing events hosted by PICER 

Team photo

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International Team

The Research Team

The founder gathered a group of like-minded friends who were interested in life exploration to participate in this research. We are just a group of people who are destined to work together for the same ideal. 

We come from all walks of life, our advantage is that we are not binded by the concept of "knowledge" and can re-understand the mechanics of life from our multi-disciplinary point of view.

Each of us have our own life stories that brought us to where we are today. Using proprietary technology, we overcame our individual life challenges, whether it be physical and emotional, and together formed today's leading research team.  

We look forward to sharing our story, dreams, and motivation with like-minded individuals.

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Through our comprehensive research, products, methods and education, we sincerely hope to bring light to a new culture in showing people that human suffering, sickness, aging and ultimately death are all directly related to our thinking patterns. If a person really wants to change their life for the better, if they want to experience more happiness and well-being, they will need assistance and guidance in identifying and addressing the origin of the ailment. This new culture can help humanity to evolve, so there will be much less hostility in the world. The disputes and conflicts between individuals, countries and nations can begin to subside and head in a more neutral and peaceful direction. Our research has distinctly shown us the significant impact each generation has on its offspring. The data we inherit will be transferred and stored in the DNA of the next generation. So the only real hope we have for our children and for future generations, is to work on ourselves in minimizing our own data. We believe that minimizing this data, along with the proper education, is the only way for humanity to truly sustain its evolution.

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