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A research breakthrough in life science and product technology for physical and mental health.

Our research shows that the key to maintaining physical and mental health lies in simplifying the structure of our DNA, also reducing harmful data stored in our DNA, and reducing interferences with genetic forces. This can be achieved using our 3 Prong process.


With our Encoding Technology, we use various methods to transpose codes into a “carrier” or a medium. Our research has found that water is a good carrier, and we can imprint our codes into water, and then using this water infused with the codes to, in turn, make various other products.


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Health & Welllness

According to different needs, we create different types of encoded water, for use in personal care products such as gels, creams, lotions.
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Skincare & Beauty

With our unique understanding of the aging process we are able to develop "codes" specific to anti-aging and beauty.


Customised Products

We also provide customised product solutions for specific needs. For more information contact us. 

Online Services

In addition to the application of this Encoding Technology in products, we have also developed a method to convert the out-of-phase code into sound waves or light waves, and through different instruments and ways of providing encoding services. Some of these quite innovative technology services can be accessed online.

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Wave Pulse Dispersion

By using magnetic coils with subtle electromagnetic currents, a series of health-inducing frequencies or signals are generated which can help the user's inherent electromagnetic control network to resonate in such a way that further assists our bodily cells and organs to rejuvenate.

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Retinal Portal Photon Infusion

RPPI accesses our thalamus by using photons to carry specially formulated codes through the retina (eye).  RPPI is non-intrusive, and begins to work on the very source of our problems.

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Attunement on Demand

AOD involves a 10-minutes video during which you can sit back, relax, and watch anytime, anywhere.  You can do AOD as often as you like, anytime of the day or night.

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Many seem to be searching for answers to life's questions, hoping to understand why things happen the way they do. While today's theories may provide partial answers, there does not seem to be a holistic and comprehensive understanding of life, and many things are usually broken down and analyzed as separate issues.


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PICER has uncovered a new and illuminating set of understandings that allow us to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of life. We will decode the formula of life to help people achieve happiness and freedom from disease.

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Electronic Gadgets

Audio Learning

A growing repertoire of audio recordings to complement and further enhance your understanding of the knowledge shared in our symposiums.

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Psychologist Session


Case-by-case consultation and analysis is performed by our R&D team members. If you wish to know more

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We offer treatments helping to re-program the whole bodily system using specialised equipment and uniquely formulated products developed through a proprietary technology stemming from nearly two decades of intensive research. Please contact us to find a treatment center or technician near you.


Photon Induced Reciprocal Therapy

PIRT uses photons as a carrier to deliver our specially formulated codes via specific "in-out" projection points on various parts of the body, which are identified by our trained technicians.

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Code Infusion Therapy

CIT is a treatment performed on specific points on the head by extensively trained technicians.   With the support of in-house designed product, our Genetic Cognitum Code can be delivered through targeted and timed infusion on these points.
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Quantum Reprogramming

Our unique method of re-programming enables our skilled technicians to re-adjust and re-educate the cells of ailing organs.  This can allow the body to stabilise itself naturally and bring balance back to our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.
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The 3 Prong Process

3 - Re-programming

Actively re-programming the way we think and live our lives to re-write the codes emitted from our DNA, creating a new and better future.

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1 - Products & Treatments

The first step - using products and treatments to re-program the cells in our body

2 - Education

Learning about the Mechanics of Life to understand why we are the way we are, where consciousness comes from and why we suffer ageing, illness and misfortunes in life. Education prepares us for active reprogramming.




of research has gone into developing this methodology and the proprietary technology that is embedded in all our products and services



96% of clients had some form of physical improvement.

81% of clients are happier with their life since using the PICER system.

we tackle many sorts of life problems - physical, psychological, emotional, relationships, work or business related


we work in partnership with clients who challenge us with issues we've not yet studied, and we investigate the source of these issues to devise new solutions when needed 


our on-going research and innovation are often quickly integrated into our solutions, so our products and services are constantly being upgraded behind-the-scenes



we are honest, straightforward, we don't over-promise, and we are willing to admit what we don't know

Crystal Spheres

According to our research, consciousness is the origin of all things, and consciousness is the derivation of matter, of the physical world.

If a person has a lot of fear or anxiety, their electromagnetic field will contain a signature of fear. In this case then, we can use the "code" corresponding to the frequency of this fear signature, to adjust the emotional frequency that is being emitted, so that the emotional can become more calm.

We have been seeking to thoroughly understand of various conditions and ailments of the body, and now we can discern which kind of wave frequencies can cause a bodily condition, then select the appropriate out-of-phase or inverse wave frequency code, to offset the harmful frequency to reduce emotional pressure and help deal with the root cause of the physical ailment.

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