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Through our studies, we have come to realise that past events and the respective emotions, as well as accumulative stimulation from interactions among elements has consciousness  stored in the land, rocks and minerals.

The land is like a hard drive and acts as a storage and source of past data of consciousness, wirelessly transferring into human's bodily systems, propagating and reciprocating the past events' specific set of values and emotions, which resonate with respective bodily systems.

As such informational data ('memories') are transferred, it also 'replays' and re-enacts as programs to elicit feelings, emotions, intentions, behaviour and incidents - wirelessly impacting (even formulating) the being or experience of the human from deep subconscious level to conscious state, at the same time manifesting into biophysiological effects, directly affecting the present as well as our future vector in human consciousness and health.

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Particle Realignment

Those of you who know the PICER Institute would know that their Research & Development (R&D) team often travel to different parts of China and the World to do research, and to also do something they call ‘Quantum Particle Realignment’, which are done at specific sites, or remotely.

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Experiential Workshops

Our research has allowed us to understand that there are certain lands that can help to retract the inherited patterns that lead to the problems we are experiencing today.  Through a more complete knowledge and understanding of how we interact with the codes of the Earth and how everything is connected, we can "heal" and change at our core. 

We have found these locations in China - Yan'an Canyons, Bama longevity village, Weizhou Island, Wugong Mountain and Xi'an - are places where retraction can take place. Our experiential workshops offer a chance to alter the blueprint of our life program, gradually from the inside out, we can truly change. During these workshops, we can have adventurous, exciting and surprising experiences together.

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Sea Shore
Chinese Warrior Statues
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