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PICER Institute

2502 Winsome House

73 Wyndham Street

Central, Hong Kong

+852 2167 8661

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We invite you to collaborate with us!

In the hope of being able to continue onwards with our research, we would like to humbly ask for your input and feedback on our findings.


  • Please do tell us what you think! We have been in a research bubble for a long time, developing and testing our ideas.

  • If our research seems to be on a similar path to yours, let’s talk, we love to collaborate, it’s how we have gotten this far.

  • If you have a laboratory or know of one that may be interested to collaborate with us, please let us know. We're very interested in having our methods, products and services tested to empirically measure their beneficial properties.

  • If you are a publisher, we would love the opportunity to submit articles or materials on our findings for your publication’s consideration.

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