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We offer treatments helping to re-program the whole bodily system using specialised equipment and uniquely formulated products developed through a proprietary technology stemming from over two decades of intensive research. Please contact us to find a treatment center or technician near you.


Photon Induced Reciprocal Therapy

PIRT uses photons as a carrier to deliver our specially formulated codes via specific "in-out" projection points on various parts of the body, which are identified by our trained technicians.

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Code Infusion Therapy

CIT is a treatment performed on specific points on the head by extensively trained technicians.   With the support of in-house designed products, our Genetic Cognitum Code can be delivered through targeted and timed infusion on these points.
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Quantum Reprogramming

Our unique method of re-programming enables our skilled technicians to re-adjust and re-educate the cells of ailing organs.  This can allow the body to stabilise itself naturally and bring balance back to our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.
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