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Online Services

We use our Encoding Technology in our services, where we have converted our out-of-phase codes into sound waves or light waves. Some of these innovative technology services are offered online:

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Wave Pulse Dispersion

By using magnetic coils with subtle electromagnetic currents, a series of health-inducing frequencies or signals are generated which can help the user's inherent electromagnetic control network to resonate in such a way that further assists our bodily cells and organs to rejuvenate.

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Retinal Portal Photon Infusion

RPPI accesses our thalamus by using photons to carry specially formulated codes through the eye's retina.  RPPI is non-intrusive and begins to work on the very source of our problems.

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Attunement on Demand

AOD involves a video during which you can sit back, relax, and watch anytime, anywhere.  

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