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A research breakthrough in life science and product technology for physical and mental health.

Our research shows that the key to maintaining physical and mental health lies in simplifying the structure of our DNA, also reducing harmful data stored in our DNA, and reducing interferences with genetic forces.

We have developed a unique encoding technology using codes that produce ‘Out-of-Phase’ frequencies, which are applied to all of our products and services to help neutralize the data stored in our DNA.  These "codes" are core to the technology in our products and services.

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All matter emits unique electromagnetic signature (frequencies), which is a complex electromagnetic field. PICER Institute has discovered that these frequencies affect our mood and emotions.

In other words, frequencies emitted by the matter around us (and  inside us) affect the way we perceive situations, ...

 ...and affect our thinking and our emotions, sometimes make us more prone to negativity, fear, or extreme modes of thinking.

"code" is a type of language.

The substances and colours that we see with our eyes and the sounds that we hear with our ears, are essentially frequencies, or waveforms. Paintings, books, films, fashion and music each have their own unique electromagnetic signatures that can have an impact on us because they carry a record of the author's spirit, way of thinking, emotions and logics, which directly contribute to this signature.


For example, when a photographer takes a photo, one may wonder: “why did the photographer decide to capture the image? What is s/he trying to convey?”

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Whether a photographer is shooting photos of mountains, or the sun, or other still life, it will make the audience feel a particular way when they view the photo. This is the feeling that the photographer can convey through their photos. This feeling or spirit is also a kind of wave frequency, which can also be said to be the "language" of any artist, author, or designer - it is also a kind of "code".

Why does the audience have such feelings?


It seems it is because our body's sensory system will receive these "code" signals, and in turn this will produce a feeling. So, the waves emitting from these substances, as seen by our eyes, worn by us, heard through our ears, or just being present in our space, will affect our senses, emotions, and thoughts.


Decoding the genetic frequencies of our cells

​​Quantum science has shown that all matter emits frequencies, therefore, the cells in our body also emit frequencies.

We have discovered that these frequencies are a record of the memory of our past generations, in the form of electronic data. This electronic data is reflected in our thinking, logics, and our personal values, and also represents our character and our emotions.
These waveforms affect the way we look at things, causing us to easily feel negative, afraid, or discontent, thus forming our innate personality traits. 

These frequencies also contain miniscule amounts of radiation.

We have started to understand more about how these frequencies can affect our cells. We are developing corresponding out-of-phase frequencies that can make us more neutral, allowing us to feel more tranquility, contentment, and even happiness.

Through numerous tests, we have found that when we encode a medium (or a carrier) with an inverse (out of phase) wave frequency code, that medium can interact with the frequencies emitted by our DNA (similar to “destructive interference” in physics, used in noise cancellation headphones).

The inverse wave principle - when two waves have the same frequency and vibration direction, there is a particular phase difference, and the energy of the waves will cancel each other out, as can be seen above.

What is unique about this technology is that it doesn't rely on chemicals, but rather an aspect of consciousness.

electromagnetic waves of negative emotions can have a damaging effect on our internal organs

Electromagnetic waves of negative emotions can have a damaging effect on our internal organs. When cells continue to emit these destructive electromagnetic waves, they can affect cell health, leading to accelerated aging and cell malfunction. This long-term stress interferes with our overall wellbeing and health, leading to various illness and diseases.


Many physical conditions and ailments are caused by emotional stress, so we studied the use of encoding technology to counteract these emotional stresses.

We were able to develop technical formulas or codes that use out-of-phase frequencies to counteract the emotional frequencies that cause stress in organs' cells.

We also found that these emotional frequencies contain radiation. By reducing the emotional stress on the body, it can more effectively achieve self-regeneration and return to a healthier state.

So far, we have developed more than 400 unique codes and continue to innovate and develop new ones.

We seek to thoroughly understand various conditions and ailments of the body. We try to discern which kind of wave frequencies cause a bodily condition, then select the appropriate out-of-phase or inverse wave frequency codes to offset the harmful frequencies to reduce emotional pressure, targeting the root cause of the physical ailment.


With our Encoding Technology, we use various methods to transpose codes into a “carrier” or a medium. Our research has found that water is a good carrier, and we can imprint our codes into water, and then using this water infused with the codes to make various products.

According to different needs, we create different types of encoded water for use in products such as gels, creams, and lotions.

We also offer encoding services using different instruments when we developed methods to convert the out-of-phase codes into sound waves or light waves. These innovative technology services include:

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Retinal Portal Photon Infusion 

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Wave Pulse Dispersion Coding Therapy

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Attunement on Demand


Photon Induced Reciprocal Therapy

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