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Attunement On Demand (AOD)

​We invite you to trial Attunement On Demand (AOD) with this introductory pre-launch pricing, before we officially launch this new service. 


AOD involves a 10-minute video which you can sit back and watch anytime, anywhere. You can do AOD as often as you like, anytime of the day or night. You can even do longer AOD sessions by replaying the video and watching two times consecutively.​

95%* of users said that AOD reduced stress, had fewer negativities, felt more at peace, more relaxed and/or calmer.

  • Pre-launch Offer 發布前報價

    AOD 1 Month

    Valid for one month

Prices are listed in Hong Kong Dollars. 

* Survey results from 30 users after doing AOD for 1 week.

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