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Performed by extensively trained technicians through a unique procedure of infusing Genetic Cognitum Code into very deep layers of the bodily organs and systems including nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, reproductive and skeletal systems. CIT can effectively address physical ailments and emotional problems, as well as improve current and future interpersonal relationships



  • Improves bodily functions

  • Improve mood and relieve stress

  • Improve interpersonal relationships by simultaneously performing CIT on couples, friends, and work partners to establish more harmonious and productive relationships

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Each person has a conscious program...

In working with these forces and to help better manage our perceptions, our Engineers have devised codes we project at “in – out points” throughout the body, that we have identified to be the channels through which these past data are being downloaded.


Using the effects of reciprocality, we direct our meticulously devised codes back towards the conscious programs as compiled by our ancestral pool of activities, attempting to help neutralise the forces in action.


As a result, the person can be more poised, resulting in a finer equilibrium throughout his/her emotional outlook and be able to cultivate a more balanced psychological profile.


Our research shows that because of this change of instruction at the cellular communication level, we can experience a healthier body, mind & spirit.

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Multiple Waveform Induction Therapy

Many years of research and grasping this technology has allowed us to utilise various different frequencies, such as lightwaves and soundwaves, to act as a carrier to deliver and infuse customised 'codes' into the cells of bodily systems, organs.  These frequencies are not only able to loosen tightly binding forces of electromagnetic fields (which can be thick and unyielding like tempered glass), it can also initiate neutralisation and modulation when these 'codes' access specific bodily areas.  In the field of applicable technological findings, this indeed is a considerable breakthrough.

These devices not only appear to neutralise these chronic radiation in our bodies, it also can dissolve ice-like structures that are the driving force behind the persistent momentum of projections (also in the form of electromagnetic forces).  At the same time, when using these devices in addition to the 'codes', cells in our DNA not only download and install new programs, similar to a computer, it can also access data dating back to billions of years ago which is all stored in our DNA.  This is the primal source of this data, which continues to this day to formulate and stimulate our emotions, which in turn adversely affects our bodily health and life happenings.  As this data is being accessed and neutralised, one's emotions and difficult situations will gradually diminish, and create natural peace of mind, calmness, good health and happiness.

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Quantum Reprogramming

Through our unique method of re-programming, we are able to access the DNA messaging system and re-educate the cells of the organs to reduce their toxic thinking patterns. This allows the body to stablise itself naturally and bring balance back to our emotional, physical & mental wellbeing.


Our understanding is that life is a package, nothing is ever separate. Whether it be emotional stability, having a positive outlook, a healthy body, steady finances, or peaceful relationships; all aspects are connected and one cannot be well without the other. In fact, this is the true meaning of holistic wellness and the key to living a healthy lifestyle.

Face Reprogramming

Neck & Shoulder Reprogramming

Hand Reprogramming

Special Therapy



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