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PIRT Photon Induced Reciprocal Therapy

PIRT uses photons as a carrier to deliver our specially formulated codes via specific "in-out" projection points on various parts of the body, which are identified by our trained technicians. Using the effects of reciprocality, we direct our meticulously devised codes back towards the conscious programs as compiled by our ancestral pool of activities, attempting to help neutralise the forces in action.


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How does PIRT work?


Identify the source of the problem

The dynamics of the ancestral consciousness program, which is still very active and constantly "downloading", influences human activity by influencing cellular activity. This dynamic not only affects the functioning of our organs and bodily systems, but also leads to distorted perceptions of everyday events and causes us to react irrationally to extremes.


Natural change at cellular communication level

People will naturally become calmer, and their mental outlook and psychological state will be more balanced. Because this is a change at the level of cellular communication, we will have a healthier body, mentality, spirit.


Neutralise active dynamics

In order to correspond to these dynamics and better rationalize our views, we project the "codes" designed by the engineers into the "entry and exit points" of the body, which are the channels that we identify responsible for "downloading" the data, and guide the "codes" we designed back to the conscious programs written by our ancestors to neutralize these active dynamics.

I was debilitated at the beginning of every menstruation,  bedridden and in agony for at least a day. PIRT immediately helped to reduce the intensity of the pain and cramping, and on-going PIRT treatments have almost eliminated all of my PMS! 

Yanyan Wong

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