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Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Particle Realignment

Those of you who know the PICER Institute would know that their Research & Development (R&D) team often travel to different parts of China and the World to do research, and to also do something they call ‘Quantum Particle Realignment’. These Quantum Particle Realignments are done at specific sites, or remotely.

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People may not really understand what the R&D team does at these different sites, what Quantum Particle Realignment entails, or what Quantum Particle Realignment really does?

Regarding these questions, we hope that the following information will provide you with a better understanding of the process. In fact, each of the questions mentioned above are related to the Earth, so let us first understand the relationship between people and land, so we can show you one step at a time.

Relationship Between Humans and the Earth

The Earth is made up of six major tectonic plates: the Eurasian plate, the African plate, the American plate, the Indian Ocean plate, the Antarctic plate, and the Pacific plate. In China there are several locations that are severely squeezed and even crushed by the movement of these plates.

The Earth's tectonic plates

For example, in China, the western part of Sichuan province has been crushed by the South Pacific and Indian Ocean tectonic plates pressing into each other. The northwest of China is also crushed by the pressing down of the Eurasian plate, the eastern part of China is crushed by the entire Pacific plate, and the American plate and the Japan plate are pressing down. In fact, the land of China has endured being crushed by plates from all directions.

According to scientists, China is on a special plate that is one of the oldest in the world, and its special location makes it immobile as other plates are pressing down on it.

Because the China plate remains immobile, it is being crushed more often and under severely high pressures. As such, our research has found that the Chinese people have been and are still today greatly affected by the signals emitted from the pressure of the plates. The people in China have felt this pressure, and this has also been affecting all of the animals that live on the land, giving them a feeling of being crushed.

The earth's crust devours and is being devoured

From our research and studies, at the level of consciousness, we observe that whenever two tectonic plates collide and rub together, a lot of consciousness is generated. When the plates move, one plate is on top and the other plate is being pinned or pushed down. We examine how this creates many different spectra of mindsets which are stored in the earth, in the land.

For instance, as shown in the below diagram, the plate above is the "Devourer" (the killer) and the one below is the "Devoured" (the one being killed). The different roles of the "Devourer" (the killer) and the "Devoured" (the one being killed) would give rise to different mindsets.

The "Devourer" (the killer) would exhibit mindsets of aggression, competitiveness, pride, anger, and punishment, when on the other hand, the "Devoured" (the one being killed) would exhibit mindsets of negativity, fear, despair and pettiness. We found that these mindsets are then stored in the earth in the form of electronic data, and continuously affect the psychological state and physical health of humans.

The electronic data of the earth affects plants, animals and humans

Throughout our research of past events, we also found that the crashing together of tectonic plates has generated massive amounts of consciousness, electronic data, leading to the emergence of dinosaurs. Our postulation is that the emergence of dinosaurs were a result of the slaughtering/being slaughtered mindsets generated by the tectonic plates crashing together, as dinosaurs themselves are the physical manifestation of this level of slaughtering. When dinosaurs existed, different lifeforms also evolved, and during this era, there was immense fighting, competition and struggles for survival at different locations on the Earth, such as the Central Plains of China, especially near the Sichuan province.

The electronic data related to these slaughtering events were recorded in the minerals in the Earth's crust. In fact, our research shows that all of the events that have happened in the Earth’s history are recorded electronically in the minerals, and the minerals will in turn evolve into different kinds of minerals, due to the slaughtering consciousness that has been generated. The minerals serve as a memory bank, or a record keeper of all of the past slaughtering, forever memorized in the land. The land then becomes the container or the repository of this data, acting as a carrier of this data.

This slaughtering and fighting data recorded within the minerals, does not disappear. This data constantly affects the plants that grow on the same land, because the plants directly absorb the elements and minerals from the ground. When the animals then eat the plants growing on that land, they will absorb into their bodies the data that is stored in the plants. Then, in turn, when people eat these plants and animals, they will also absorb the electronic data from the earth. In fact, humans are directly influenced by the electromagnetic fields emitted from the land.

Apart from the fact that we absorb data from the land through eating animals and plants, we must not forget that our DNA has evolved from the time of the dinosaurs to becoming the human beings we are today. This can help us understand why we are born with an already large amount of unhappy and negative data stored in our DNA.

You may wonder why there is a lot of unhappy data stored in our DNA. It comes from the billions of years of stored memories coming from all of the past killings. Also, when a being is eaten, the predator will absorb and take on the data coming from the prey, and so forth. This creates continuous struggles, conflicts, and even wars. In fact, all of these happenings can be attributed to the earth, to the land. Because through the billions of years of killings, and the highly complex consciousness that was generated during the many wars, all of that data, all of that electronic data was stored in the land, and the data is memorized in our bodies, in our DNA. So, our findings show that if we want to change the DNA of our lives, we really need to begin with the earth, with the land.

The Quantum Entanglement between Humans and Land

From the above explanation, we can now understand how land can affect people, and how people can in turn affect land, the earth. When our research team began to have such an understanding of life, we saw the opportunity to go to certain places where we are able to do what we call ‘Quantum Particle Realignment’ to help to encode new programs, new mindsets into the land, to help to reduce the slaughtering signals that are very actively being emitted from the land. At the same time, we also found a method to help retract the slaughtering data between us and the land.

Now, if we want to understand our Quantum Entanglement with the land, we would first need to understand what Quantum Entanglement actually is.

The Phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement

What is Quantum Entanglement?

A Quantum is an ultra-microscopic unit of energy, even smaller than the particles in elements. A Quantum is also the unit of energy that forms an element. Matter behaves quite differently at this microscopic level, leading scientists to develop a whole new set of laws to describe the phenomena that occur, which they call "Quantum Physics". One of the strangest of these phenomena is "Quantum Entanglement".

In Quantum Physics, there is a certain entanglement between two microscopic particles who have a common source, and the two particles (with a common source) remain entangled no matter how far apart they are. A change in one particle immediately affects the other particle, and this is called "Quantum Entanglement".

Splitting in two

To be precise, Quantum Entanglement refers to the existence of a non-local, non-deterministic, a non-classical strong correlation between two or more Quantum systems. This means that whenever particles are created by the same event (in the Quantum world) no matter how far apart these particles are, even on either side of the universe, they are not constrained by time or space.

As soon as one of these particles is changed, the other particles produced from the same event will be changed in the same way, even if the original event occurred millions of years ago. This physical phenomenon is the basis for our Remote Quantum Particle Realignment, with which we utilize this theory of Quantum Entanglement.

Why do people have Quantum Entanglements with land?

In fact, this Quantum Entanglement has been going on ever since the first element, Hydrogen, was created in the Big Bang. Before the Big Bang, there was one energy that we call "Singularity". It was not until the Big Bang that the world of consciousness divided from "one" into "two", and the first element of matter, "Hydrogen" was born simultaneously, as matter is the manifestation or the representation of consciousness.

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Quantum Entanglement of the Element Hydrogen

As the physical world, the representation of consciousness began to split, the element Hydrogen evolved. Over billions of years, the entire physical world evolved, including minerals, plants, single cells, animals, and humankind. Consequently, the world of consciousness and the world of matter or space are connected and equivalent. When the world of consciousness splits, the physical world also splits in parallel, so the physical world and the world of consciousness are interconnected.

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Quantum Entanglement between Humans and Land

Quantum Entanglement has been going on since Hydrogen was formed, and all physical forms, including human beings, evolved from Hydrogen since the very beginning of physical manifestations. Hence, there is a connection, a link between the human DNA and land, and therefore a Quantum Entanglement between humans and land.

The Earth is the biggest container

As the different events that have taken place on Earth, on the land, have been adding and accumulating different spectrum of mindsets into the land, from the signals generated by the different plate movements, to the extinction of the dinosaurs, to all of the killings in the animal world, and the history of our ancestors' on particular lands, and because the land is constantly being crushed, this in turn continues to affect the slaughtering between animals and the killing between humans. This data gets stored in our DNA and in the land, meaning that we and the land will continue to have a more complex relationship because we are always connected.

In our previous articles we have often spoken about DNA, and how it is a container storing and replaying past data, past memories. In fact, Earth, the land that makes up the earth, is a much larger container than our DNA, which works together to store, broadcast, and re-enact the electronic data, affecting all lifeforms.

Earth is a very large container of data

Our Quantum Entanglement with the land is such that whether we are in New York, Paris, London, Beijing, India or elsewhere, or even in any past century or era, the memory of an event remains unchanged, and so does the entanglement of the event with the land, and with us as humans. So even nowadays, when we go to some places, we can still be affected by the killings, the wars, the struggles that had happened at that place.

There are many people who travel somewhere and suddenly feel unwell, have an accident, break out in a cancer, or even die a sudden death, and most people wouldn’t understand why this happened.

In fact, there is a strong connection between us and a location. It is the invisible connection of Quantum Entanglement, combined with a strong killing signal, which we call "instigation". This instigation can lead us to feel a want or need to go to certain places, leading us to re-enact things from the past, and many would not understand where those feelings came from.

However, it is through this connection with the land, that we now have the opportunity to go to certain places and perform the Quantum Particle Realignment to help deal with our connection to certain lands and locations, which can help us make changes in our lives more easily. Otherwise, we will be constantly supplied with the data coming from our connection with that land, which will affect our thinking patterns, our mental state, our emotional state, and our physical health.

We will now explain what we mean by this.

The operation and function of our Quantum Particle Realignment Work

The PICER Institute’s research team has found that land is the foundation of our consciousness and thought patterns, and it is a huge container of data continuously affecting us, making it hard for us to change. For example, the fear, the aggression and the killings stored in the land feed humankind with the foundation to the logics of how we think. Because the land will forever continue to affect us, we will find it difficult to change these basic fears, aggressiveness, and struggles.

This is why the process of adjusting the data contained in the land is so important to the evolution of humankind.

In processing the data of the Earth, we are also adjusting the data in our DNA. The mineral foundation of the earth is the Hydrogen element, and the basis of the protein structure underlying our DNA is also the Hydrogen element, so both we humans and the earth have a consciousness foundation of "Hydrogen".

Therefore, when we change our Quantum Entanglement with the Hydrogen element in the Earth, the Hydrogen element, which is responsible for holding the protein molecules together, is also reorganized through this Quantum Entanglement Realignment. By reorganizing the links between the Hydrogen in humans and the Hydrogen in the land, the "wireless communication", in the form of Quantum Entanglement, can be disseminated to the whole world.

This process of neutralizing the data in the land would then affect humans of all nationalities, as well as all animals and plants, as the data we speak of here is the consciousness that was created through billions of years of earth’s history, and it is the same consciousness that is now stored in our DNA.

That is to say, if we go to a particular location and change the geological data, through the wireless connection of Quantum Entanglement with the people who have been associated with that location, we can change some of the consciousness in our DNA.

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Quantum Particle Realignment in progress

The Quantum Particle Realignment Work

There have been many wars in history, and many killings in the time of dinosaurs. These events and others seem to have created a sense of terror, fear, dominance, and brutality. However, we have found that it is possible to change the electromagnetic field of the earth by utilizing a form of "code", which can change the genetic memory, for example, of the war scenes that had been created by the killing consciousness generated by the land.

If we can change the data, we can relieve the mental stresses we experience today, and help our cells to regain their health.

So, if we want to deal with the fear, the negative logics, paranoia, unhappiness, pettiness, jealousy, or our struggles and conflicts, and we’re finding it hard to change those things, we have to start from the Earth, from the land, to change some of the relevant data stored in the geology of the Earth.

The consciousness that is being emitted by this data affects the function of our brain and the cells in our body, as it constantly emits different values of consciousness, thus making people easily irritable, anxious and unable to have a peaceful state of mind, and also affecting our mental and physical health.

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Doing Quantum Particle Realignment on location

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It is easier to work with the land because it changes and evolves very slowly. People will die, but the Earth will always be here, such as the fossils of dinosaurs and their eggs, which are some of the best evidence/data that history has left for us to strive for change.

The battlefields that have produced the greatest killings are also a source of historic incidents that we can make good use of. With the data contained from these incidents, i.e., the mineral elements in the ground, we can go to some of the sites and start the DNA code reorganization (through our ‘Quantum Particle Realignment’ method).

When the R&D team identifies some very fundamental sites, that is, sites that have a fundamental effect on many people, such as fear, negative logic, paranoia, aggression, anger, etc., our teammates and clients who need to do the Quantum Particle Realignment, go to the sites we have identified for this work.

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The Quantum Particle Realignment in Yan'an

Quantum Particle Realignment involves the use of 'coded' products and instruments, as well as specific mineral fossils and other historic data records, to help to neutralize and transform the mutual data between the people participating in the realignments and the site, the land itself. The difference between an On-site Quantum Particle Realignment and a Remote Quantum Particle Realignment is that through the On-site process, a person will physically go to the site, facilitating a large amount of past electronic data to be retracted directly into the ground.

Remote Quantum Particle Realignment Work

The electronic data stored in our DNA is a memory of the signals coming from the movement of the tectonic plates, as well as a memory of the extinction of the dinosaurs, and the killings in the animal world, and the records of the wars that have taken place over the millennia, resulting in the many layers of sufferings recorded in the land.

When we perform the Quantum Particle Realignment on these battlefields, the data imbedded in them can be neutralized. It is like uninstalling a computer software program and reorganizing the computer’s data.

Those who participate in the Remote Quantum Particle Realignment are identified by name, date of birth, passport or ID number and place of birth. The data of a person is like an internet IP address, and as with an internet IP address it is possible to identify every different computer connected to the Internet. So, with the participants' data, our research team can perform the Quantum Particle Realignment at a particular location, and adjust the data stored in the DNA of the person participating. Thus, in a way, changing "destiny.”

In a way, when a person participates in a Remote Quantum Particle Realignment, he or she tends to have a conscious desire or feeling to participate. It could be that by understanding the qualities of the consciousness, he or she may feel that the fear, paranoia, or anger that arises from the location is related to the fear, paranoia or anger that arises in his or her daily life.

When we take the action of signing up to participate in the Remote Quantum Particle Realignment, we can begin to deal with the fundamental data in the land. We can experience a turnaround and a life-changing effect at the same time.

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The PICER Institute has a very special fate to have had the opportunity for the past 25 years now to discover these methods, and we will continue to explore and study them. We also hope that through this karmic connection it will help to reduce the hostility, the negativity, the killing and oppositions in the world of consciousness, thus helping humanity to be healthier, happier, more harmonious, and more synchronized, as one.

Of course, we cannot completely change our human dynamics all at once, but this method does seem to provide some significant help. We are also very grateful to those who are interested in our research and have been supporting us. We hope to develop more useful products, technologies, services and education in the future.

© PICER Institute

Thanks for your interest in PICER Institute!

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. We make no guarantees or warranties that the information in our article is appropriate for you or will result in improvement of your career, business or personal life. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or other symptoms at any time while using our products and/or services, please stop immediately and seek assistance from relevant professionals. The use of any information provided in this article is solely at your own risk.



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