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What Is WPD (Wave-Pulse Dispersion)

The health and illness of a person originates from our thoughts and emotions, and emotions and thinking patterns are bound by our genetic structure (DNA) which we have inherited. Our ancestors evolved from primitive lifeforms such as dinosaurs; then after relentless killings and struggles, problematic emotions have been imprinted in our genes.  They drive us to generate a lot of fear, anger, and negativity from the time when we were born, making our lives filled with inborn  characteristics such as short-temperedness and despair.  It can be very difficult to experience calmness and rest.

After 23 years of research into life sciences and the understanding of the mechanics of life, we have developed a team who now experience outstanding physical and mental health. After years of attunement and stringent exercise, we have been able to transform the brainwaves generated from our genes, to attain a mindful thinking, physical and mental well-being, which can no longer be so easily affected by the problems encountered in everyday life.  We can achieve a holistic well-being of our body and mind.  Maybe for the first time ever, we have developed a team of people enjoying genuine optimal physical and mental health.

We have recorded a series of these highly attuned brainwaves and, after undergoing detailed examination and analysis, with further interpretation and classification, we have produced a series of wave frequencies.  Tailor-made to meet the different needs of different customers, we can devise the most appropriate sequence of files to neutralize the prevailing social mental issues, to help customers to gain a peaceful and harmonious life.

We have developed a special way to replicate the healthy brainwaves in the form of wave-pulses that release beneficial frequencies. By using magnetic coils with weak electromagnetic currents, a series of healthy wave frequencies or signals are produced.  These signals help the user's brainwaves to resonate in such a way to further assist our bodily organs to vibrate in a healthy manner.

We wish to bring you this cutting-edge methodology with its innovative equipment technique, and standard.  

What You Need for WPD
  1. WPD Headband

  2. WPD Subscription

  3. Your Mobile Phone (with internet connection)

  • WPD Trial

    (headband device required)
    Valid for 2 weeks
  • WPD

    Every month
    (headband device required)
  • RPPI & WPD

    Every month
    (headband device required for WPD)

Prices are listed in Hong Kong Dollars. 
*Subscriptions will automatically renew every month until you cancel.

No product

We offer a 14-day guarantee on our WPD headband.  If the operation of the headband is damaged for any reason, within 14 days after purchase, we will provide a replacement headband free of charge.

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