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Our research institute is a small, close-knit, privately-funded organisation that is fully committed to exploring the mechanisms behind life, beyond conventional science.


We have an advanced, comprehensive and one-of-a-kind research methodology, and we uncover the root causes of life issues using our proprietary technology.

We also have practical solutions to reducing or resolving these issues, giving us a happier and healthier body and mind.


Hope For Humanity

We sincerely hope to bring light to a new culture in showing people that human suffering, sickness, ageing and ultimately death are all directly related to our thinking patterns. If a person really wants to change their life for the better, if they want to experience more happiness and well-being, they will need assistance and guidance in identifying and addressing the origin of the ailment. This new culture can help humanity to evolve, so there will be much less hostility in the world.

Since we began to study about life, apart from the classical scientific perspective, we asked ourselves: "what else affects human health?". Today there are still many unanswered questions about life, and many issues that science and medicine haven't yet solved, so our R&D team is looking and exploring in this direction. Regardless of whether classical science accepts it or how many disciplines or fields of study it crosses, we start with a blank slate and a pure scientific spirit to understand the complex workings behind life.​


22 years ago, we began to understand that a person's physical health is affected by weak or minute electromagnetic (EM) fields emitted by bodily cells and organs, as well as energetic interactions between cells and organs. There are distinct electromagnetic signatures that differentiate between "healthy" and "unhealthy" cells.

PICER has uncovered that these EM fields not only affect physical health, but also mental health. We have built a database of different frequency profiles corresponding to different cognitive states (composed of fundamental psycho-logistics), thus, establishing the direct correlation between a person's psychology profile and their physical health.

We understand how people's psychology affects physical health, and that it is directly related to our genes. It is also found that the geomagnetism of different locations have differing effects on people.


Exploring and identifying this aspect in depth has been one of the core aspects of PICER's research, as well as developing "counter-acting" EM fields ("codes") that dampen or interfere with such unhealthy EM signals to aid the human body to self-recover into a healthy state. 

Introduction to PICER Research


A research breakthrough in life science and product technology for physical and mental health.

What is unique about this technology is that it doesn't rely on chemicals, but rather an aspect of consciousness.

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PICER has come up with protocols to store their codes in water, which greatly parallel Dr. Luc Montagnier's research, and we have used coded water to develop a series of products. As the human body consists of over 60 percent water, we use our codes as treatment directly on the human body, sometimes in conjunction with devices emitting light, sound or radio waves to further amplify the efficacy of the codes to improve the human condition.



of research has gone into developing this methodology and the proprietary technology that is embedded in all our products and services



96% of clients had some form of physical improvement.

81% of clients are happier with their life since using the PICER system.

we tackle many sorts of life problems - physical, psychological, emotional, relationships, work or business related


we work in partnership with clients who challenge us with issues we've not yet studied, and we investigate the source of these issues to devise new solutions when needed 


our on-going research and innovation are often quickly integrated into our solutions, so our products and services are constantly being upgraded behind-the-scenes



we are honest, straightforward, we don't over-promise, and we are willing to admit what we don't know

The 3 Prong Process

3 - Re-programming

Actively re-programming the way we think and live our lives to re-write the codes emitted from our DNA, creating a new and better future.

3 Prong 3D.png

1 - Products & Treatments

The first step - using products and treatments to re-program the cells in our body.

2 - Education

Learning about the Mechanics of Life to understand why we are the way we are, where consciousness comes from and why we suffer ageing, illness and misfortunes in life. Education prepares us for active reprogramming.


Through our studies, we have come to realise that past events and the respective emotions, as well as accumulative stimulation from interactions among elements which have consciousness, are stored in the land, rocks and minerals.

The land is like a hard drive and acts as a storage and source of past data of consciousness, wirelessly transferring into human's bodily systems, propagating and reciprocating the past events' specific set of values and emotions, which resonate with respective bodily systems... read more

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