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About Our Sleep - Part 3

Updated: Apr 23

Comprehensive ways to improve sleep

We all know that not sleeping well has an effect on our physical health. For instance, people who have insomnia have experienced the hardships of not being able to rest well.

Some will take sleeping pills, and although it helps to fall asleep, it would not be able to change the impact of the electrical currents generated by our emotions during sleep. So, eventually our health will be damaged in the long run.

‎Is there any other way to improve our quality of sleep apart from taking medication?

Throughout our research, we found that whether its dealing with the quality of our sleep, our physical health, emotional issues, or other difficulties we encounter in life, that they are closely related to the way we see and think about things, our mindsets, and values, which come from our genes.

How we see things, how we think, how we react, feel, and behave are all dictated by our genes. So, there is a need to re-educate our cells, and when using our encoded PICER products and services together, it can help to reduce the momentum generated by our DNA. Then along with some changes in lifestyle, we see this could extensively improve our sleep issues.

PICER Institute would like to provide the below suggestions for improving sleep quality.‎

Changing ourselves, by understanding the Mechanisms of Life

In the post 'About Our Sleep - Part 1', we explained some of the factors affecting our sleep quality, and how emotions, such as fear, would drive us to become aggressive. Also, when we want to get something desperately, the driving force will bring us stress, tension, anxiety, and consequent poor sleep.‎

So, after understanding a little more about the root cause of our sleeping difficulties, if we want to improve ourselves, we will need to re-examine what we do, and how we think. It is not easy to make changes because all of our thoughts and actions are dictated by our genes, pushing us to think and act the way we do. This is why we would also propose attending one of our “Symposiums" to learn the principles and mechanics of life, so we can all have more knowledge and understanding about life and how it works, helping us deal with difficulties and giving us a chance to change our lives.

Appropriate sleeping position

David D’I, the founder of PICER, shares some ways he has found can help our sleep quality.

You can raise your pillow at about a 30-degree angle when sleeping, to not lie on a flat back, and so your sleeping position is comfortable, yet not so comfortable that it would cause you to fall into a deep state of sleep.

Many people think that its “better” to sleep deeply. However, our research found that shallow sleep can actually help us be more energetic when we wake up. Sleeping deeply does not necessarily mean good sleep quality. The reason is when we sleep too deeply, we are prone to dreaming, and if we have dreams, the quality of our sleep may not be so good.

Listen to a special selection of gentle music

You can also play some music while sleeping, choosing a soft music genre. David has selected some playlists to help with sleep, and we have put them in the NetEase Cloud Music APP.

Link to David D’I music playlist l:‎‎‎‎ ‎‎OYQi

Turn down the music volume when sleeping to maintain a shallow sleep. We could feel a hazy kind of sensation when falling asleep to soft music. It can feel like being gently awake, yet in a meditative mode.‎

‎A meditative mode means we are awake but feel like we are asleep in a state of silence while keeping our eyes closed and listening to the music. So, it is similar to the state of doing meditation. So, if you do find yourself having dreams during your sleep, it is likely that you are not in a meditative mode and are in a deep state of sleep. ‎

There are some ways to help us maintain a state of rest while not losing our conscious mind about what’s happening externally, and this kind of shallow sleep would also provide us with a better quality of sleep because the sleepy feeling would still be deep.

If your eyes are closed and you feel sleepy, yet still hear the music playing and when waking up don't remember what the music was, but you know you were enjoying it and felt tired and a little hazy, this is a good sleep.‎

A healthy room atmosphere

Many people spend about a third of their time sleeping, so it is important to have an appropriate ambiance in our bedroom. For instance, if its cluttered or smells, this will emit chaotic electromagnetic fields in the room and your sleep and physical health will be affected.

‎‎Therefore, the cleanliness and comfort of our bed and bedroom is vital‎‎.

A well thought-out diet

Reduce the consumption of the following foods:‎

‎● Sugary and starchy foods‎ | Anxiety and fear

These foods have a relatively high level of anxiety from an energetic perspective. When we consume these foods, we are in fact adding more fear to our "genetic structure". Higher levels of fear will then push us to become more aggressive, and we would also be more prone to obesity.‎

● Meat | Complex Consciousness

‎Animals have their own complex conscious structures and emotions. We observed, through our Visual Spectroscopy Profiling (VSP), that consuming meat will add more electronic data (which includes their memories and emotions) to our conscious structures.

This is because the animals’ memories and emotions are stored in their DNA, so when we consume them, these are added into our genetic structure. Also, these memories and emotions will then manifest in our dreams. How those dreams are formed is more fully explained in Part 2 of this “About Our Sleep” series, as it turns out that dreams have a much greater impact on our sleep than we thought.

Here are some of our findings on the consciousness structure/the traits found in certain animal meats:

Beef has qualities of extreme thinking, anger, aggression, and hostility. So, when we consume beef, these qualities are added into our conscious structures in the form of electromagnetic fields which make us prone to be irritable, angry and aggressive. People with more sensitive physiques will more easily feel these emotions after eating beef and tend to be more agitated, possibly due to the anger qualities ingested from the meat. They would also be more easily irritated, impatient, hot-headed, and their sleep would be affected.‎

Chicken is a favorite dish for many people. The conscious qualities/traits in chickens are competitiveness, wanting to win, cannot lose and cannot fail. So, when we consume chicken, those traits and the associated emotions will enhance our own mode of thinking to want to compete and fight with others, and since our focus will be on getting what we want, we would tend to ignore other’s feelings and possibly harm them. From an energetic viewpoint, these qualities would lead to a kind of “slaughtering” effect towards others.

‎Although fresh seafood tastes delicious, if it is killed alive before being cooked, their emotions will be very strong and enhance/add on to the momentum of our conscious mind and emotions as well.‎

● Deep Fried - Grilled food‎ | Intense emotions

We observed a greater intensity of consciousness (emotions) in both deep fried and grilled foods.

‎If we consume foods that have a strong intensity of consciousness (emotions), it will intensify our own thinking patterns, mindsets, and emotions.

For example, for those who are already naturally irritable, they would become more irritable, just as some people who already have many thoughts on their minds, would then have an overactive mind that is unable to stop, greatly affecting their sleep as well.‎

‎● Snacks - Soft drinks | Intense emotions, anxiety and fear

‎Snacks foods are usually processed by deep frying, and soft drinks often have a relatively high sugar content, for these reasons it may be best to try to reduce their consumption.‎

● Avoid eating before bedtime | Nightmares

‎Our research found that all foods, whether made from plant or animal, have their own conscious and genetic data (memories), and when we eat, the chewing action is a kind of slaughtering. In fact, the whole process of eating actually complicates our conscious structure.

So, if we eat before we sleep, these conscious data and the electromagnetic field of slaughtering that it generates would be added into our structure. This will then affect the quality of our sleep and we would tend to have more dreams or even nightmares.‎

PICER products and online services, for a better quality of sleep

From our 25 years of research, our team has been mastering the art of resolving sleep problems. We found that first, the momentum of our inherited memories and emotions needed to be reduced.

With this understanding, we then developed a range of products and services to help our bodily systems and the surrounding electromagnetic fields. We will briefly explain here below some of the relevant products and services we offer, together with some feedback from clients who found them helpful.

● Product | Mist Diffuser

‎When adding a few drops of “Mist Diffuser Concentrate” in a diffuser device, it can help with falling asleep. The proprietary codes in this product helps to neutralize the electromagnetic fields emitting from the land and surroundings, helping the body and mind to relax and sleep more peacefully.

‎● Product | Mysty Spray

Bringing a bottle ‎‎of "Mysty Spray"‎‎ on a business trip or holiday, can be helpful by spraying some on your sleeping pillow.

You can also spray it around the room and bathroom to clear some of the chaotic fields left by others who have stayed in the hotel room before you, which may affect your sleep.‎ This can help to neutralize some of the electromagnetic fields in the bed before sleeping.

‎● Online Services | RPPI ‎- Retinal Portal Photon Infusion

Reducing the momentum that leads to situations and issues in our lives which seem impossible to resolve, RPPI is a way to deal with both the logics and blind emotional forces that cause the difficulties in our lives, helping to shift our mindsets in a more positive direction.

RPPI - Retinal Portal Photon Infusion‎‎ ‎‎is a cutting-edge service using an optical technique to transform the genetic data (memories) that reside in the thalamus gland, by sending codes through the retina. This technique can help to simplify our “conscious structure" which is currently very complicated.

By reducing the momentum of our persistent mindsets and emotions, we can then become more aware of our values and what we perceive as “important”, allowing us to have a better quality of sleep.

‎If you have sleep problems, we are offering a 14-day free trial so you can experience it for yourself. Please click the link above for details. All you need is a smart phone connected to a network, and you can do it anytime, anywhere as it takes a few minutes twice a day. ‎

● Online Services | WPD – Wave-Pulse Dispersion

Experiencing our healthy brainwaves in the form of silent wave-pulses that release beneficial frequencies to neutralize the prevailing social mental issues, to help and gain a more peaceful and harmonious life.

‎‎We recently introduced‎‎ ‎‎this new service called WPD – Wave-Pulse Dispersion, ‎‎which has received much positive feedbacks in helping with sleep issues.

Please click the link below for more details.

● Online Meditation | Mass Attunement

Initiate a freedom from your inherited program and patterns during one hour of smooth contemplation.

“Mass Attunement" is held several times each week, we received positive feedback on helping people with their sleep, by connecting with us online.

Please click the link below for more details.

Relevant feedbacks from our clients‎

  • Dave, 64 years, Australia.

"I used to have a lot of trouble going to sleep. I think it was because I was very anxious. I had so many thoughts I couldn't settle. I was worried about money, and about the work I was doing, and then about situations where I thought I had made people feel negative towards me and worrying about the next day's work. I had a lot of worries. And always thinking that things would turn out negatively. So when I tried to sleep I would just lie in bed and think about all these things and not sleep very well. And when I slept, it wouldn't be very deep, and I'd wake up not very refreshed and this went on for many, many, many years, feeling this way. So fearful.

And gradually, in the last 10 years, I've been able to sleep really well. So now I can lie in bed before I sleep, and I'm really not thinking of anything, it's like there's nothing in my head, it is very nice. It's so calm.

I think that it is probably several things that helped me, but I definitely was helped by PICER's Mass Attunement and RPPI. Because what I found is that when I used these services, I would become very calm, very still, an inner calmness I've never really found before.

Thank you, I am happy to share this with you."

  • Philippe, 58 years, France

"In 2015, I was experiencing a stressful situation, and I began to be unable to sleep, lose weight, had emotional issues, depression, and also was not able to work. I started taking sleeping pills then began to experience side effects - memory loss, much more depression, panic attacks, further weight loss (10 kg in 4 months), and extreme fatigue. In February 2018 I went to China to visit PICER Institute as I was still struggling with depression and unable to quit the pills and sleep on my own.

I received a few PICER Quantum treatments and finally was able to stop taking sleeping pills within 3 weeks. Since March 2018 I can sleep on my own every night.

Furthermore, a daily usage of RPPI and WPD is helping to reduce progressively any overstressed perception or depression state.

I am so grateful to the PICER Institute team."

For more testimonials please kindly visit web site. Thank you.

Customized consultation for severe cases

If you are suffering from severe insomnia or long-term sleep problems, we would suggest ordering a ‎‎’Quantum Case Consultation Study’, which will consist of some observations that could help you understand what’s causing your difficulty in sleeping‎. Our engineers in Visual Spectroscopy Profiling (VSP) will analyze your conscious structure to understand which inherited traits are causing your sleep problem and recommend the relevant products and services or other methods to help provide you with some solutions.‎

This is the end of our ‘About Our Sleep’ series, thank you for reading us. We hope our sharing helps you understand a little more about sleep problems from the energetic perspective of consciousness.

Should you be interested in discussing other topics with David and our R&D team, please feel free to contact us via the Email:

Thank you for your kind support.‎

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. We make no guarantees or warranties that the information in our article is appropriate for you or will result in improvement of your career, business or personal life. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or other symptoms at any time while using our products and/or services, please stop immediately and seek assistance from relevant professionals. The use of any information provided in this article is solely at your own risk.


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