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Our Research Findings

Updated: Apr 24

A brief explanation of PICER Institute's research findings

First of all, we should introduce our unique and proprietary technology called Visual Spectroscopy Profiling (VSP). This is one of our most important developments from over 20 years of research. We discovered that with unique training, our eyes can see a wider optical spectrum than we think, including electromagnetic wave signals such as mobile phone signals. Usually, we are not used to seeing these signals or wavelengths, though there are some people who can see them naturally, without any training. If you can see these signals, you might think you’re seeing something blurry or indistinct.

So, what exactly do these electronic signals represent? They are consciousness, or a kind of feeling. For example, when we are unhappy, our bodies release a certain set of wavelengths, which form an electromagnetic field. Anger has its own unique set of wavelengths and electromagnetic field and also feeling calm has its unique wavelengths.

There are instruments that can measure these wavelengths emitted from our bodies and brains, such as EEG machines which measure brainwaves. For example, these instruments can measure the waves when we are sleeping, during which the frequency (the rate of vibration per second) of our brains is 1 to 4 times per second (or Hertz). If we are thinking about something, the frequency is 4 to 10 Hertz, and when we have emotions, the frequency is usually even higher.

Video credit © 2022 PICER Institute

Basically, every cell in our body is emitting these wavelengths, or electronic signals, which are originating from our genes. By using our Visual Spectroscopy Profiling (VSP) technology, we can see that our bodily organs constantly are emitting electronic signals, which are also a type of radiation that can affect our bodily functions and psychology. Through over two decades of research and analysis, we can accurately interpret these signals, gaining a new perspective and understanding of why we get sick, and what causes our pains and psychological issues. Not only can we understand more about our bodily health, but also about the mechanisms of life as a whole, including our interpersonal relationships, as well as how the materials and substances that we use or eat, or that are in our environment can affect our lives. We can also understand why businesses fail, why so many marriages fail, why we age and have wrinkles, and so on.

We have successfully been able to decipher these electronic signals that are found to be consciousness emitted by our bodily cells. These are our thinking patterns, our logics and our extreme emotions such as anger, anxiety, and depression. They are toxic and radioactive electronic signals that can damage our bodily functions. In fact, substances also emit electronic signals that can affect our skin. So, we should be cautious about products, such as cosmetics, or any substances that we apply onto our skin.

The research and development process of our company's products and services is unique and different from other companies, because our selection of ingredients and components are mainly based on our Visual Spectroscopy Profiling (VSP), using it to identify substances and frequencies that are most beneficial for our skin and body, and isolating them from those which can harm us. We can immediately see the electronic signals emitted when a substance or frequency is applied to the skin and body, understanding its effects on our overall wellbeing. At the same time, our Viewing Technique helps us to decide the proportion of ingredients in our products, the strength and type of frequencies to use for an optimal overall effect. We study the consequential outcomes of integrating the different signals from each ingredient and component. Is the result harmonious or is it conflicting? How can we produce the best effect for the skin and health? In simple terms, we use the principle of ‘out-of-phase’ wavelengths in the production of our products and services to cancel out or neutralize the electronic signals emitting from our genes which are harmful to our skin and health.

Video credit © 2022 PICER Institute

Why do our genes emit these signals? And where do they come from? Scientists have found that DNA has a memory storage function. This means that its purpose is to store memories. They have been able to demonstrate this by using DNA to store a video, and then playing back that video from the DNA memory. Below and on the right side is the video of a running horse, which was stored and recalled from the DNA memory.

Movie encoded into the DNA of bacteria (Shipman et al. 2017)

What is our DNA actually storing? From our research, it seems it stores what has happened to us in our past and in our past generations. DNA contains all our emotions, thinking patterns, and memories of pain and suffering, all of which we call electronic data. These memories are passed down from generation to generation and are constantly being replayed. This is a diagram of DNA acting like a CD-ROM disc or hard drive, keeping a record of every moment we have experienced. It is also like a video recorder in that it has recorded events from past generations and plays them back.

For example, let’s say DNA has stored the memories of the two dinosaurs fighting – a predator and a prey. These dinosaurs were fighting for survival, and the larger dinosaur eventually killed the smaller one. The emotions generated from this event are recorded in the DNA in the form of electronic data. Then over time, the DNA will repeatedly replay the event and the related emotions. In life's evolutionary chain, which has evolved from all the lifeforms that preceded humans, we would find that our DNA does store many such slaughtering events. When these kinds of events are replayed in our lives, as humans, it may not simply be to do with survival, but rather for status and power. In these events, there are also predators and prey, such as two soldiers fighting in ancient times for power and wealth, which to them, it is a matter of life and death.

In today’s world, we can see similar events being re-enacted within families. The fighting between husbands and wives is not with swords nor guns. Rather, they are fighting with words, over their values and opinions of who’s right and who’s wrong. When we have won an argument, when we’ve proven ourselves to be right, we gain a greater sense of pride and self-identity, similar to the winning soldiers on a battlefield, or a predator who has conquered their prey. This kind of fighting is endlessly repeating, and the whole process is recorded in the DNA, every time and from every period of history.

Video credit © 2022 PICER Institute

Have you ever thought about DNA, and why the DNA molecular structure is so long? Each person has over 6 billion kilometers of DNA inside of them. It seems to be because it has recorded all the events that have happened since the beginning of time. As the amount of electronic data increases and the data compiles, it becomes more complicated when events are repeated, and the emotions and consciousness stored in DNA become even stronger.

Let’s revisit and discuss in greater detail the slaughtering process of a predator and a prey, whether they are animals or humans. When a predator kills a prey, the DNA records the consciousness and emotions generated in this event. We can break down what’s being recorded. If I am a predator, ready to kill, I would have aggression, pride (or self-confidence) and would be in an attacking mode “I must kill”. These are some of the basic characteristics of a predator. As for the prey, you can imagine it would have a lot of fear when being attacked and eaten. It would feel despair and resentment “why am I being eaten?”, as well as hatred and vengefulness towards the predator. From our research we have found that DNA records all this consciousness – the thinking patterns and emotions – of both the predator and the prey.

Video credit © 2022 PICER Institute

As we begin to understand the mechanism of DNA, we are also deciphering the electronic signals, which are codes, that are being emitted from our bodily organs. We use our Visual Spectroscopy Profiling (VSP) technique to detect these signals, which are minute and radioactive codes of consciousness. We have found that negative thoughts and emotions originating from the cells in our organs will adversely affect their functions. The constant emission of these electromagnetic fields is toxic and damaging to our bodies, causing various ailments and diseases. This is also reflected on the surface of our skin, causing our skin to age, and become dull and wrinkled. For example, we have found that the emotions emitted from the uterus are anxiety, jealousy, depression, and small-mindedness, which can cause menstrual pain, and uterine problems. Emotions emitted from the liver are anger and aggression which can cause liver related disease, emotions emitted from the heart are pride and extreme thinking, and anxiety and pride can cause malfunction of the pancreas causing diabetes. These electromagnetic fields emitted from the cells of our organs also seem to affect our skin condition, causing dryness, wrinkles and dullness.

We have been able to develop clinical solutions – products and treatment techniques – that can neutralize the signals and electromagnetic fields that cause us to age or to have bodily issues.

Photo credit © 2022 PICER Institute

Using our Visual Spectroscopy Profiling (VSP) technology, we have been able to develop clinical solutions – products and treatment techniques – that can neutralize the signals and electromagnetic fields that cause us to age or to have bodily issues. We can also effectively identify and describe a person’s main character traits, their preferences, talents, shortcomings, difficulties or struggles they are facing in their lives, as well as their physical and psychological conditions, including hidden issues that people are not yet aware of themselves. Our analysis encompasses all aspects of our clients’ lives – their health, career or business, personal finance, marriage, family, and all other interpersonal relationships. We also provide an educational program in the form of an online symposium to help our clients understand about the mechanics of life, to provide understanding of what is the genetic force that drives and propels our psychology thereby providing a comprehensive transformation program solution to life’s problems.

We have learned that our psychological issues, physical conditions, and life struggles are all inter-related. Our understanding is that life is a whole package; all aspects of our life are intertwined. Whether it is emotional stability or having a positive outlook, a healthy body, a stable financial situation, or good interpersonal relationships – all of these are linked to each other. If there is trouble in one aspect, it will affect the other parts of your life.

As part of the transformation program, PICER’s R&D team can also provide dietary suggestions to our clients, to achieve a more optimal state for a healthy mind and healthy body, as our research has shown that we are adding consciousness into our bodies through our diet. Meat contains the animal’s DNA, which has recorded all the consciousness from when it was killed – all their memories of feeling fear, despair and hatred. When we eat meat, we are adding the consciousness of these animals into our bodies. If we eat vegetables, we are also taking on its consciousness, though it is relatively less than meat. Sometimes, when we have certain characteristics that we wish to change though we find difficult to do so, we try to consume as little meat as possible, minimizing the amount of consciousness we are adding into our bodies, as this can give us a chance to change more easily.

Photo credit htpps://

“Beauty comes from within” encompasses our methodology and approach, in that our appearance and overall wellbeing is affected by our moods, inner thoughts, and emotions. We have used a variety of precise techniques to develop coded products and services that target the destructive emotional frequencies, generated by our DNA, which put stress on our organs. By reducing our emotional stress, the cells in our organs should be able to regenerate themselves naturally, making our bodies healthier at the same time revitalizing our skin.


Shipman, S., Nivala, J., Macklis, J. et al. CRISPR–Cas encoding of a digital movie into the genomes of a population of living bacteria. Nature 547, 345–349 (2017).

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. We make no guarantees or warranties that the information in our article is appropriate for you or will result in improvement of your career, business or personal life. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or other symptoms at any time while using our products and/or services, please stop immediately and seek assistance from relevant professionals. The use of any information provided in this article is solely at your own risk.


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