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The Power of the Sun

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

The power of the Sun not only gives us life to exist, but it also generates emotions via its radiation

The Sun shines directly at the earth, and in the summer its radiation travels the shortest path through the atmosphere. So, the sunlight in summer is the strongest and is naturally hotter than other seasons. The intense sunlight will trigger and cause people to be more annoyed, irritable, extreme, and emotionally unstable, affecting their mental and physical condition.

Why can sunlight make us so irritable? Bearing this question in mind, it can be helpful to understand what kind of connection the Sun has in relation to our conscious mind, and how it affects human life.

(The source of this article is from the understanding of the founder of PICER, David D’i.)

What is the connection between the Sun and Life?

We often hear that nothing is more important to us on Earth than the Sun, that it is the source of life.

So, what exactly does the Sun give to life?

What is the relationship between the Sun and life at the level of consciousness?

Our study found that the Sun is the driving force behind life.

Scientists have found that the main component of the Sun is Hydrogen.

The Sun has many Hydrogen nuclei that collide with each other and fuse together to combine into Helium nuclei. Through this process light and heat are emitted, and this is called a thermonuclear reaction. During the constant collision of the Hydrogen, apart from the heat it emits, it also generates an electromagnetic field and radiation.

Now, from our 25 years of research, we have come to understand that the effect of this radiation causes living beings to experience more emotions, and it's also a type of electrical radiation that harms bodily cells. So, the Sun acts like a seasoning added to food, like salt or vinegar, to make life tastier in a way.

For instance, the Sun seems to make people more irritable, restless, feel a difficulty in settling down, continuously thinking about something, or wanting to find something to do. However, at night-time, with less solar influence, people tend to be relatively more static, they want to rest, and also fall asleep more easily.

For instance, most people turn off the lights when they sleep at night, or they draw the curtains to black out the room when they sleep during the daytime. This action seems to be very automatic and natural, but the subconscious mind is actually trying to calm down, to reduce the influence of the radiation from the light or the Sun.

What is life? Life is consciousness.

What is consciousness? We find that it's all about emotions, mindsets and thinking patterns created by our logics. In other words, life relies on the Sun to stimulate and maintain consciousness.

How does the Sun do this? Well, scientists have discovered that light from the Sun is the thermonuclear reaction caused by the inter-collisions of Hydrogen atoms. Our research found that Hydrogen already has a set of complex consciousness, and it has its own strong viewpoint.

Nuclear fusion - Hydrogen’s collisions evolve into Helium. From the viewpoint of consciousness, we observed that when a Hydrogen element feels the existence of another Hydrogen element, it immediately feels anxiety, afraid that its own existence is threatened.

This type of consciousness is like a Chinese saying, "two tigers cannot be on one mountain". Once there is another similar being nearby, the Hydrogen element would have a conscious mind that says, "I'm going to fight you", which forces the Hydrogen to collide together. It then evolves into another element (as shown in the Periodic Table: 1-H Hydrogen, 2-He Helium, 3- Li Lithium, 4-Be Beryllium, 5-B Boron, 6-C Carbon, etc...). This means that when consciousness becomes more complex, matter also evolves into more complexities.

So, the power given to Hydrogen to evolve into other life forms, is all supplied by the Sun. The essence of life itself is to survive and staying alive requires being afraid of extinction. The vitality given by the Sun is actually the generation of fear and anxiety, which forces us to want to survive. But this doesn’t mean that fear is bad. An appropriate amount of fear is required for survival. It is quite normal to say that life is the fear of extinction. Certain fears and anxieties give us the momentum to continue to survive.

But too much fear generates more complex consciousness, including aggression, selfishness, jealousy, small-mindedness, greed, grudge and so on. All life is driven by fear. The slaughter or fighting against one another results in more complex thinking and emotions, which end up creating all kinds of problems and affecting our lives.

For example, when we are afraid that we are not good enough, or afraid of not looking good to others, or feel insecure, we would want to get what we fear that we are not having, and in order to get what we fear 'not having', we often will become aggressive.

Life is often like this: the more we want to have something, the less chance there is that we will get it. Then when we cannot get what we want, we can have anger, resentment and frustration, a series of mindsets that will affect our emotions, health, and career. Also, if we insistently want to get what we want, it would generate more emotional values to do with fear, greed, aggression, selfishness, manipulation and so on.

The electromagnetic field emitted by these mindsets has a radiation effect that is harmful to our bodily functions. These ways of going about doing things will also affect our relationships and may have a negative impact on our career and finances, while also creating many problems in our life.

We call this phenomenon, when many aspects of our life are being affected by our character, the "Life Package".

What are the effects of the Sun?

It is not uncommon to see people who often conduct many activities in the Sun be particularly prone to aging, wrinkles, and freckles. Due to the multiplying effects the Sun has in increasing our emotions and causing stronger radiation being emitted from our cells, people who often work under the Sun may have more difficulty relaxing or calming down, or they are usually more hard working.

In the following interview, David D'i shares more about the habits he used to have during his previous lifestyle and his habit of swimming in the Sun.

David used to like swimming in the Sun and got a dark tan.


'I used to go swimming frequently when I was 19-22. At that time, I felt particularly energetic. But at the same time, it was much easier for me to get angry and become aggressive. I was also more prone to aging and getting freckles since I often worked and lived under the Sun. In fact, we found that freckles are formed due to the burning of the cells affected by the radiation generated from our emotions.

I grew up, including during my time in college, with a particular preference to work at night-time, and I also took classes during the day.

While in college I would often go 2 to 3 days without sleep, or I would sleep for only 1 hour a day, 7 days in a row. I usually worked throughout the night until 9 a.m. the next morning, then go to class. After class around 7pm I would go back home, then after eating I would continue to work until 9am the following day and go to class again.

So, I found that if we don't conduct too many activities or work under the Sun, we would generally feel calmer.'

The link between Self-attunement and the Sun

Why do many people practice self-attunement inside caves instead of sitting outside under the sun?

Probably because they find it difficult to calm down when they are under the sun, as the radiation from the photons and particles would boost their consciousness leading to an unsettled state of mind. So, they would choose to practice in the mountains, forests, or caves where the sunlight is limited.

When practicing self-attunement one needs to be calm in order to reduce the consciousness. Our research and development team has adopted this habit naturally. Perhaps David introduced this lifestyle to work and research at night-time. But, of course, the research team also works during the day, yet would mostly go to bed around noontime. However, if they feel more tired under some special circumstances they will rest more. They usually start resting in the afternoon from 12pm to 4pm, during the sunny period of the day. When resting the curtains are drawn to block sunlight from coming in. This helps to reduce the impact from the sunlight in affecting their consciousness. Also, by doing so their bodily cells will function more efficiently with less impact from the radiation, and they would naturally no longer need to rest for long hours to restore their vitality.

Our understanding of sleep from childhood to adulthood, whether it be from ancient or modern Chinese thinking, from Scientists, Western or Chinese medicine, is that "sleeping early and waking early leads to good health". This seems to be the golden rule for having the best sleep quality and achieving the most optimal physical and mental health.

What is the connection between Attunement and the Sun?

Now, what we are going to share below may contradict traditional beliefs as our way of living may not be suitable for everyone. It came from our need to make some adjustments to our original lifestyle, so should you wish to follow this please do consider whether its suitable for you personally. This approach has been adopted and experienced by PICER's research and development team for many years now, with the intent of reducing the generation of consciousness in each of us, in order to attain optimal mental and physical health.

We have found that some people are leading a regular and disciplined life, such as being careful with their selection of foods, going to bed early and getting up early. However, they are still suffering from emotional and physical illnesses, as well as experiencing other life and relationship problems.


Our research helped us to understand that the past data (the inherited information) that is stored in our genes is very complicated.

So apart from selecting a suitable diet and foods, we would also need to adjust our mindsets in order to deal with the inherited data in our genes which are directly affecting our emotions and thinking patterns. Also, minimizing any work or activities in the Sun for long periods of time is another way.

What life goals can bring happiness and health to people?

After many years of practice, our research team has proven this lifestyle is sustainable, experiencing longer work and waking hours than the average person. It may be that the toxicity levels in their body is much less than the average person. Furthermore, they follow an intermittent diet, eating only one meal per day, which helps to reduce the amount of toxins added on to the body.

Benefits of an Intermittent Diet

A series of interviews with R&D on the Effects of Food on our Health and Emotions.

The Importance of Food (Part 1) - The Impact of Food on Beauty.

The Importance of Food (Part 2) - Foods being taken into our bodies add and generate more consciousness.

Food causes us to have more thoughts, emotions, toxins, and acidic by-products. Our body then needs to work harder or "overtime" to detoxify. Over a long period of time our bodies will become exhausted from this vicious cycle. In fact, Edema and bloating are likely caused by high toxins and acidity levels in the body. If the body cannot handle these issues it will try to neutralize it and in turn retain more water in the body, resulting in Edema. People would also feel easily tired. This is also why Obesity in some people is not due to fat levels, but high levels of water retention.

By-products of this are the element or chemical effects of food. For example, when you ingest meat it turns into an acidic substance or hormones in the body, which are harmful to the body to some extent. So, vegetarians have relatively less acidity and toxicity in the body than meat lovers. In addition to a daily routine that promotes the maintenance of an energetic and healthy state, our research team has also attained a thorough understanding of the mechanics of how life works, or what we term as 'Life Mechanics'. They apply this understanding of life to change the way they think and how to handle situations differently.

This part is also crucial, because when we change our values, when we change the way we look at things and place them in a more appropriate direction, it also helps to reduce the generation of consciousness in our bodies. This is also an important factor in our physical and mental health, as well as our vitality.

For most people, it's quite difficult to follow this lifestyle. From an objective viewpoint, whether it be a student, employer or employee needing to work, they would naturally rest at night, get up in the morning and go to school or work. This is the norm in our society today, everybody lives like this. But if you like going to bed late or like working at night, you may also experience relatively less consciousness in the night-time. People do tend to feel more easily quiet, calm, comfortable and relaxed at night-time.

On the other hand, those who are used to working and living under the Sun will feel more energetic because the Sun gives us the so-called power of life, as all living beings depend on this energy to maintain their consciousness. It seems many people need to work hard and need to be motivated to feel good. But they do not know whether they inherited a lot of aggression from their ancestors, which would lead them to continually add on more qualities of consciousness to do with 'aggression', causing them to be easily prone to illnesses and aging.

At the same time, too much aggression induces another kind of nuclear effect which is that it makes people more prone to feeling hopelessness, unhappiness and even depression, and ultimately creating more problems in their life.

For the past 25 years we have been studying the mechanism of how life works. By studying the understanding of life, we're pursuing a different life goal than most people and we pay more attention to creating harmony with one another. To achieve this goal, we have been committed to achieving a state of unity, consistency, harmony, happiness, and relaxation.

If you look at us from that perspective, our research team could actually be called Stormtroopers because we're the first group of human beings to adopt this lifestyle and live life in this way!

By living life in this way it means that we understand that the forces generating our emotions need to be reduced from our inherited genetic structure, which will help us become calmer and less complicated.

So, our mission is to simplify our genetic structures as much as possible. This life direction will also help us stay younger, be simpler, and feel happier and healthier. In addition, this new life goal also helps us feel more comfortable and relaxed so we can really enjoy all the experiences life brings our way.

Thanks for following up PICER!

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. We make no guarantees or warranties that the information in our article is appropriate for you or will result in improvement of your career, business or personal life. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or other symptoms at any time while using our products and/or services, please stop immediately and seek assistance from relevant professionals. The use of any information provided in this article is solely at your own risk.


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