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Wugong Mountain, China. Could this mountain be really affecting our Psychology?


In 2022 the PICER Institute has been researching Consciousness at Wugong Mountain in southern China.

From our studies it seems that this mountain in Southern China is having some effect on the thinking, the consciousness, of all humans and all living beings on earth. Yes, that is a big statement!


In this article we will explain how we come to that finding and what are the implications, the consequences of this mountain for all lifeforms on this planet, in the past, in the present, and in the future.

Through our studies, we also found that Wugong Mountain seems to have an effect on the evolution of the earth. So how could this actually happen?

To understand the information that we share in this article, it seems important that we explain a couple of things, one is what we mean by ‘Consciousness’, because it may be different to the way some people would understand consciousness, and we will explain how we do our research, because it seems also a bit different to other research labs around the world.

Our research technology is called Multi-Spectral Viewing. We discovered that with unique training, most people’s eyes can see a wider optical spectrum than we originally thought, including electromagnetic wave signals, such as mobile phone signals. Usually, we are not used to seeing these signals or wavelengths. If you can see these signals, you might think you are seeing something blurry or indistinct.

So, what exactly do these electronic signals represent? They are consciousness, or a kind of feeling. For example, when we are unhappy, our bodies release a certain set of wavelengths, which form an electromagnetic field. Anger has its own unique set of wavelengths and its electromagnetic field, and also feeling calm has its unique wavelengths.

Cells in our body are emitting these wavelengths, or electronic signals, which are originating from our genes.

By using our Multi-Spectrum Viewing technology, we can see that our bodily organs constantly are emitting electronic signals, which are also a type of radiation that can affect our bodily functions and psychology.

We have learnt through the 25 years that we have been researching these signals, to quite accurately interpret them, giving us a new perspective and understanding on why we get sick, and what causes our pains and our psychological issues. Not only can we understand more about our bodily health, but also about the mechanisms of life as a whole, including our interpersonal relationships, as well as how the materials and substances that we use or eat, or that are in our environment, can affect our lives. We can also understand why businesses fail, why so many marriages fail, why we age and have wrinkles, and so on.

We have successfully been able to decipher these electronic signals, which are found to be consciousness emitted by our bodily cells. This consciousness is our thinking patterns, our logics, and our extreme emotions such as anger, anxiety, and depression. They are actually toxic and radioactive electronic signals that can damage our bodily functions.

Tectonic Plate movements

First it maybe be useful to begin with some background. In our 25 years of research, we have travelled to different lands around the world, and we would identify certain places that they have a particular tectonic plate movement.

The different tectonic plate movements seem to have different contributions to our consciousness, to our thinking or our state of mind, because from what we have observed, particularly at Wugong Mountain, it seems to be an origin or most one of the most primal data sites on earth that we have seen, by data site we mean a place that records the events on the earth, recorded in the particles in the land.

Wogong Mountain Ridge

And also, the Wugong mountain ridge seems to have recorded the entire process of the splitting from singular forms to give a duality or polarity forms, and this is very important because unless there is a polarity, there is no consciousness, or maybe just a faint consciousness, definitely not the consciousness we experience today, where the polarities, the contrasts, such as black and white, good and bad, right and wrong, hot and cold, tasty and bland, sweet and sour, exciting and boring, these types of thinking, these comparisons, contribute so much to our sense of life, to consciousness.

So, it seems the multitudes of polarities have originated from this point, from this mountain, way back near the formation of the earth. It is somewhat like a storage facility that stores immense amount of past data of the splitting to give these polarities, these contrasts, these comparisons, and these emanate from this point.

And even more is that we observe that the most diverse types of consciousness on the planet originated from this point.

So, in the 4.5-billion-year history of the earth, what we see is, in the rocks coming from near the start of the earth, there is a very faint intensity of consciousness, very primal and very still, but still a sense of consciousness, so it’s already established and starts in these ancient rocks. And we find that this mountain functions in a similar way to how the DNA functions within the human body, as from our research of DNA it stores all the memories, the data, of what happened in our ancestors’ lives that then in turn creates us, including our character.

So, this mountain is like a DNA of the earth, because it contains so much data, so much past history of the evolution of consciousness on earth. It’s all stored in the DNA of the mountain, the data stored in the particles, starting from the primal evolution of earth.

Also, there was a time when there was very volatile volcanic movement in earth’s evolutionary history, and it’s during that time when there was a very fast development of a more complex and more intense consciousness and emotions, that now comprise our bodily systems and our nerves. And it seems that the exponential growth and the intensification of these emotions and consciousness, also originates from this point, from this mountain.

So what we have found is that based upon what we understand at this research institute, about the evolution of consciousness, and its equivalent physical form that we call the universe, if we do have this knowledge and by going back to this place where is the origin of the polarity or the splitting comes from on earth, then by going back or coming back to this place, we can actually bring back this singularity, meaning that it can induce a movement in our thinking away from the sense of separation, or conflicts, or with a feeling of dissociation, towards more mutual understanding, more harmony.

So, by coming here, we could actually bring about more singularity, more harmony, by modulating or neutralizing the data that is propelling the separation.

Whoever comes back to this source of splitting on the earth, this source of separation, to start this reversal process of disassociation on this planet, would need to understand the mechanism that brought about the dissociation to start with, and the data within the mountain contains a natural intelligence to recognise if this understanding is within the people who come here, just like an ATM machine will only dispense the cash to the one who has the right code. And it seems also these people will need to know in a very complete manner the mechanics of consciousness, from the origin of the need for consciousness, and then somehow, if they went back or if a group of people went back together who had this knowledge, then for some people it would then induce a process, a mechanism, where it could kick start a reversal process, back towards singularity, towards harmony.

So, there seems to be a link between the formation and the continual movement of the earth, and the entire evolutionary process of consciousness in the physical plane. This mountain, its rocks, were originally was under the sea, and there were a lot of tectonic movements of the earth’s plates that actually occurred when the mountain was still under the sea. And during the movements of the plates, they would crash against each other, and these rocks and these plates would generate different senses of conflict, of anxiousness or frustration or a kind of anger, and a type of depression.

And underneath the sea, these senses, these emotions, this consciousness, would continuously be effecting the lifeforms, through the emission of electromagnetic frequencies, which is consciousness, and effecting these marine lifeforms, to give them despair, for example, as when one tectonic plate would be submerged under another, which would then generate these feelings, and the other plate, the one on top would feel a kind of a dominant sense or omnipotent, such as “I cannot be defeated.” But of course, it’s not as intense as in human beings, how we would experience these feeling, but it's still similar.

So, the plate underneath, would also feel suppressed, and in the formation of the earth, the parts of these plates that were pushed down into the lave, or the magma, then it would be annihilation, giving a feeling of a loss of existence, this is the psychological aspect, and the origins of our emotions and our character as humans, as we are made of the elements, of the molecules. A feeling of being eradicated or somehow eliminated, that kind of despair and the desperation. So, this is why we at this institute, we usually research near the earthquake fault lines, at the volcanoes, even though extinct, because then we are able to study the massive effects of the earth on human’s psychology, on human’s lives.

So, it is not just at Wugong Mountain, we have seen there are many places that carry these emotions, these consciousness, but we seldom see any place that carries the entire process of the evolutionary history, including, for example, when fish evolves into land animals, or when trees first appear, when there were virtually no trees before.

So, this place is like a broadcast station, transmitting frequencies of consciousness for the need to further propel further complexities of consciousness, which in the physical plane results in more complex lifeforms, and at the same time giving emotions of the need to survive or feelings of desperation, and so on and so forth as the more complex consciousness leads to more diversity in lifeforms.

So, in a way, this entire process from this mountain is still contributing, wirelessly, still connected to all of the lifeforms on earth. So, we would see a very unique value at this place, a value of helping people evolve because this is a place for evolution.

We can see from our viewing that this place is a very important point for human evolution, in terms of our modes of thinking and also in helping the body to bring a breakthrough in its physical condition. For example, if there is either a deteriorating or a chronic issue that a person is facing, in order to get out of this condition, this place could help to propel that person, hand in hand with their psychology and their state of mind. Usually, their state of mind is originally quite enclosed in a particular pattern or mode of thinking, so, by coming here, we see that this place can help to propel a breakthrough from an enclosed mode of thinking to further open up the mind into understanding or absorbing new thinking, new ways of life, that could lead to improved health and lifestyle.

For example moving from a more self-centred negative mode of thinking, with maybe despair or a complaining nature, to more appreciation, more interest in friends and family and colleagues, and it is this type of happiness, this type of ability to enjoy life more, from our studies, that also seems to bring more health, as the emotions carry less intense consciousness, and since electricity and radiation is consciousness, our organs will not deteriorate so fast, in fact, they could naturally recover, and we can look more youthful.

In the past the enclosed modes of thinking, as though we are bound up, would prevent us from absorbing new ideas and prevent us from trying to truly understand something. Our DNA or our energy structure would lock us in a particular mode. So, new thinking cannot get into us. Even though people can think that they understand something new, there is a gradient, and some may find it difficult to understand new concepts, or some people may find the way of thinking developed at this institute is not necessary. So, a person who might say “I’ve heard that before” maybe that type of person would not come here and be able to receive this new mode of thinking.

But some people would open up to a new type of awareness about themselves, just naturally taking in more information, or some events could be triggered after coming to this place, events that with some guidance, some support in gaining this new knowledge of consciousness that we call the “Mechanics of Life”, could open up or inspire them to see a need to absorb this information, or they could acquire a simple ability to really take in new modes of behaviour or thinking.

This is quite rare because most people find this difficult, to take in new ways of thinking, our characters are usually quite fixed.

So, coming to this place is part of evolution. It seems the only way to evolve is to evolve to new thinking modes, new consciousness, as the entire direction seems to evolve, so either we stay the same and be wiped out, or we can evolve and adapt. Just like with all the mass extinctions of this planet, seems there were 5 of them, and the lifeforms whose consciousness could evolve continued, those that could not adapt in their thinking, were gone. This seems to be what extinction is, as the physical plane or lifeform is a reflection or equivalent to the consciousness plane.

So, this place therefore has the old way, the old modes of thinking that brought the conflicts, the old data, yes, but it also has the new way of thinking, the new modes as well, from what we observe of its consciousness, it has the curiosity, the sentiment, the appreciation and more, the new modes. Because from our studies all consciousness is formed through a contrast, so if there is hatred, then there is also love, it is just that up to now, the history of this planet has led to more hatred, due to all the slaughtering and conflicts, that were needed to propel consciousness, to propel complexity and to create humans, for example. But now, through the uncovering of the importance of this place, this mountain, Wugong Mountain, and its link to the evolution of all the lifeforms on this planet, it seems the potential of the new modes, such as true unselfish love maybe can now begin.

Thank you from PICER Institute.


The above information is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice. We cannot guarantee or warrant that the information in the article will be appropriate for you or will improve your professional, business, or personal life. If you feel unwell or have other symptoms while using our products or services, please stop using them immediately. If necessary, please seek the assistance of relevant professionals or professional bodies as soon as possible. Use of any information provided above is entirely at your own risk.



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