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The keys to Female Health & Wellbeing - Part 1

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

There is a saying, “Healthy Women, Healthy World”, which embodies the idea that women do often focus as a custodian of their family’s health, and women often play a critical role in maintaining the health and overall well-being of their communities.

However, because of the many roles women take on, they could be too focused on the health care of their spouse or their children or their parents, and maybe neglecting their own health needs.

Because of this, it could be important that women take more time to maintain good health and well-being for themselves. A women’s health does not refer only to her physical condition but to her total well-being, mind, body, and spirit.

As a recognition of the importance of the well-being of women, PICER Institute has developed a series of Quantum Mindsets Reprogramming services just for women.

In this article we will explain how the specific female mindsets can be related to the female reproductive organs at the chest, the mammary glands, and at the pelvis area, which includes the uterus and ovaries.

Video credit © 2022 PICER Institute

A better understanding of how the mindsets is interlinked with these organs may help to initiate a restoration of well-being of women’s reproductive health and emotional equilibrium, naturally, by liberating of the body’s inborn ability to rejuvenate itself, giving a renewed sense of happiness, ease, and youthfulness.

One of the key findings is that our emotions and thinking patterns are actually electronic signals, a type of faint radiation, which over time can affect our bodily functions, even leading to damage and decay, very similar to the process of cooking using a microwave oven.

Video credit © 2022 PICER Institute

We have found that our body, the DNA in our cells, has particular characteristics that will affect how we think, our behavior and how we react and act to what happens in our life. It is these characteristics that are at the root of a reduction of wellness.

In our Quantum Mindsets Reprogramming Services, these characteristics are what are being reprogrammed. Yet we find that the more people can understand these characteristics, then the more they can try to counteract these often-destructive mindsets.

Thus, our services can be an initiator of a change in direction, towards a more kind, loving, considerate way of life, with more peace and improved relationships.

It seems this more balanced state of mind, towards an emotional equilibrium, are the keys to wellness.

We will share our research into the characteristics, the emotions, and mindsets, that due to their radioactive nature (emission of electromagnetic radiations), can cause emotional instability, discomfort through the decay to the female reproductive organs, eventually leading to disease.

Without this decay also there can be firming and uplifting benefits at the chest area.

The Characteristics of the Female Reproductive Organs

We have been studying for many years how mindsets and emotions can damage our cells, and we have found that there is a very direct relationship. So, we feel that the information we will now share is very important for women to enable them to maintain good health at their reproductive organs. We will also explain what the aim is, the intention of PICER Institute’s Mindsets Reprogramming services for women.

In order for women to maintain a good health at their reproductive organs, which includes the mammary glands at the upper chest region, and the uterus and ovaries at the pelvic region, we will explain about the particular characteristics that these organs emit, and that in fact these emissions are a harmful radiation to our cells. We have deciphered the characteristics of these organs by using our viewing technology, which enables us to study the frequencies being emitted from organs and analyze these into different mindsets and emotions.

Video credit © 2022 PICER Institute

Then, by changing our characteristics, which are in fact a magnetic field, it can help to lower the amount of radiation being emitted from our cells, and bring about a more stable, more at ease, peaceful and harmonious state of mind.

What we call “Reprogramming” can help initiate a re-education process of these cells, as, if what is explained below about the mindsets at the mammary glands and reproductive organs, can be remembered and carried out in your daily lives, it can help prevent severe illnesses from forming and thus maintaining a good health.

This is quite a comprehensive list, which is the result of our research. You may recognize some of these characteristics in yourself, but also, they can be hard to notice, often these are referred to as our “blind spots.”

In the next article "The keys to Female Health & Well-Being - Part 2" we will share the PICER Institute's research and findings specifically related to the mammary glands and the upper chest.

Thank you for your interest!

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. We make no guarantees or warranties that the information in our article is appropriate for you or will result in improvement of your career, business or personal life. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or other symptoms at any time while using our products and/or services, please stop immediately and seek assistance from relevant professionals. The use of any information provided in this article is solely at your own risk.


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