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The keys to Female Health & Wellbeing - Part 2

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

The Characteristics of the Mammary Glands

In this article we will share our findings and our understanding of the female characteristics described into the previous article: "The keys to Female Health & Well-Being - Part 1", and those specifically related to the mammary glands and the upper chest.

We have found that each bodily organ has its own characteristic or signature, which will affect how you think, your behavior and how you react and act to what happens in your life.

The mammary glands can have a thinking that is efficiency and achievement-based, in order to achieve goals at all costs. This may often cause a lack of awareness, particularly in terms of considering how others feel during family discussions, or in a work context. Often giving you the feeling that you want from any discussion, is that your own viewpoint is the best option to take, rather than being more open to truly consider other’s feelings or ideas. Often this can be called insisting.

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The thinking of the mammary glands, how you may perceive and react, tends to be organized in terms of hierarchy and authority – meaning higher versus lower, and stronger versus weaker, concerning about having face and looking good in front of others, versus losing face or looking bad.

And an inherent need to stay afloat and to assume a higher position, meaning it could be hard for you to show weakness, and that you would have a drive to show you capability, and that if would be difficult to be seen as lower than others.

These glands also would give you the thought that fast is good, and slow is not good, leading to feeling of frustration and impatience.

The way of thinking can often tend to be either black or white, right, or wrong, finding it difficult to perceive things as greyer, more neutral, less black and white, less extreme. Black and white thinking would prompt you to think that either you are on my side, or you are my enemy, and I will dislike, even despise you.

You could have an overly simple sense of value or even a superficial view that: “If you love me then you should do what I ask, you should listen to me, and you should comply to what I say.” Giving a feeling of often tending to take a dominant position and tend to complain, even aggressively, or sometimes pressure others in order to wanting them to agree, even submit and complying to your own ideas, your own preferences. This can be seen in relationships between wife and husband, mother and child, girlfriend, and boy-friend.

So, you may realize from hearing about these characteristics, that the mammary glands can give you a thinking akin to self- centeredness.

Due to an almost constant fear of being in a less advantageous position, you could tend to spoil yourself and others, equating this type of spoiling with love, and this can give you the feelings of an exchange of “love” for gaining recognition from others, and to provide a more advantageous position. Sometimes to gain a more favored position, you will take a quite firm, quite sure, independent stance, and want to take total control, feeling that you need to use all possible means at your disposal, even sometimes feeling to attack others or put others down to win out in a situation.

So, it can be seen that these characteristics are much about wanting things in a particular way, and how this can lead to some kind of inconsiderate or uncaring behavior. This may mean that it can be easy to take people and things for granted even unknowingly inflicting pressure or stress onto others.

The mammary glands can also give a feeling of a strong need to secure what needs to be protected, even at all costs, even to be sometimes aggressive and even quite hostile towards those who might pose a threat, especially when you could be in fear of being threatened.

So, these characteristics can happen in the different relationships, often with your spouse, with your children, in your family of origin, and at work.

In the next article "The keys to Female Health & Wellbeing - Part 3" we will share more details about the specific characteristics emitted by the pelvis area, which includes the uterus and ovaries, deciphered by the R&D team of the PICER Institute's thorough the analysis of hundreds of viewings and study cases, as these fundamental values seem to work in cooperation with the mammary glands, and an interesting state of mind can result of “feeling at a loss, feeling unfulfilled” and “needing to feel worthy by being recognized and loved.”

Thank you from PICER Institute

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. We make no guarantees or warranties that the information in our article is appropriate for you or will result in improvement of your career, business or personal life. If you experience faintness, dizziness, pain or other symptoms at any time while using our products and/or services, please stop immediately and seek assistance from relevant professionals. The use of any information provided in this article is solely at your own risk.


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